A Day No Leader Wants to Face But Every Leader Must

There is a day every leader has to face. But, no leader necessarily wants to.

I have walked through this with dozens of leaders over the year sand it’s never a fun process.
It’s the day when it’s time to no longer be the leader.
That hurts.

Just seeing it in print may […] Continue Reading…

An Encouragement To Be A Dad (Happy Father’s Day!)

What an impact a father has on his family. I can honestly say I have never met a woman who would not faithfully serve the Lord if her husband did. Most women I know, even very independent women, welcome their husband assuming the spiritual leadership of the home. Women are freer to serve Christ and be fruitful for the Kingdom when they have a supportive husband who surrounds her with unconditional love. […] Continue Reading…

A 4 Step, Simple Strategy To Have a Less Stress-Filled Life

Please understand this is not a formula for success. I don’t believe those exist in any relationship and God is certainly not defined by my prayers. This is, however, based on Hezekiah’s actions in response to receiving a letter that threatened his entire kingdom. (2 Kings 19:14-19). I have tried this numerous times and God always responds. […] Continue Reading…

10 Ways To Be A Great Non-Profit Board Member

Over the last 20 years, I have served on dozens of non-profit boards at the state and local level. I have worked with nationally know organizations, such as Boys Scouts, Red Cross, United Way, and YMCA and numerous other local non-profit ministries and service organizations. I strongly believe in community service and realize the value of non-profits in community development. It could easily be said that the success of any non-profit is directly related to the strength of its board. […] Continue Reading…

7 Ways to Parent with Grace

Cheryl and I had a model for our parenting.

Whenever I say that to people they hear “complicated”. It wasn’t. We aren’t complicated people.

Simply put, we attempted to implement grace into our home.

Our boys are now grown — in their mid-twenties, but we have seen the fruit from our methods. […] Continue Reading…