A Sign You’re On a Healthy Team

I’ve often said that good leaders never assume silence means that everyone is in agreement.

I still believe that. Leaders and situations can be intimidating. Some team members simply choose not to participate.

There is one caveat to this principle, however.

When a team is healthy, the leader is approachable, and team [...] Continue Reading…

7 Words of Wisdom for Church Planters and Leaders

I was meeting with a potential church planter recently and some of the words of wisdom spoken to me over the years flooded my mind. Some of these were given to me by others. Some were learned firsthand by experience.
Here are 7 words of wisdom for church planters and [...] Continue Reading…

Dancing Priest: How a Book Was Born

This is a guest post by Glynn Young. Glynn authored a book that I can literally say is going to be one of my all time favorites, and I just read it last month. And, it’s fiction. Dancing Priest is captivating, challenging and, I believe, potentially life-giving for some [...] Continue Reading…

Three Temptations That Destroy Good Leaders

This is a guest post by J. Warner Wallace. Wallace examines these three motives in more detail in his new book, Cold Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels

I’m a cold-case homicide detective. In the many years that I’ve been doing this job, I’ve [...] Continue Reading…

12 Ways to”Shoot Yourself in the Foot” as a Pastor

Want to “shoot yourself in the foot” as a pastor?

Here are a dozen ways:

Do life alone and trust no one

Question everyone’s motive

Don’t know key stakeholders in the church

Avoid transparency in favor of protecting image

Refuse critique or evaluation

Put family life second to the church

Take personal pride in numbers

Believe you [...] Continue Reading…

7 Leadership Default Zones

There are a lot of gray issues in leadership. Having a default zone when things on both sides appear equal or you are uncertain about a decision may help you make better decisions. These aren’t foolproof, as many things in leadership are not, but having a general idea which [...] Continue Reading…

A Personal Conviction About Change

I had a convicting experience recently. It was one which will actually help me in the current church work I am doing, but also in the future as I implement change.

One Saturday night during December I went to three church Christmas parties. Cheryl was out of town, so I [...] Continue Reading…

A Sobering Leadership Principle

Your private life. Your public life.

They are inseparable.

You can try to manage two identities.

It won’t work.

It might for a time. But not for long.

You’ll be discovered.

Your personal junk will impact your professional world.


Better to protect your public life by improving your private life.

And [...] Continue Reading…