5 Steps to Take if You’re Addicted to Porn

This is a guest post by Tom with Ever Accountable. Tom is a 30 year old husband of one beautiful woman and father of two rambunctious boys. He is a passionate crusader against internet pornography after witnessing the destruction it causes in lives. He blogs for Ever Accountable because […] Continue Reading…

The Structured Removal of Faith

This is an opinion post. In fact, this is an opinion blog. Unless I’m quoting Scripture you can dismiss everything I write as one person’s opinion. Mine.

But, this is an opinion post about a problem I’ve seen. 

It’s a problem I see in churches.

It’s a problem I could see us […] Continue Reading…

Beyond Leadership Quotes: A Quick Overview of the Well Balanced World Changer

My friend Sarah Cunningham recently released her new book, The Well Balanced World Changer: A Field Guide for Staying Sane While Doing Good, a few days back. The book has been getting a lot of attention, partially because it is packed full of leadership quotes–the kind you’ve probably seen […] Continue Reading…

Surviving Your Appetite for Known… @AndyStanley – #Catalyst

The theme of Catalyst Conference was Be Known. Andy Stanley kicked things off with a powerful talk about being known.

Here are my notes on his talk:
We all have an appetite to be known.
Social media proves that. And, it’s an appetite that is never fully satisfied.

You will never have enough […] Continue Reading…

Thoughts on Firing People in Ministry

This is a difficult post. About a difficult issue. One we don’t necessarily like to talk about. But sometimes we must.

I came out of a business background, so some things that are done in ministry are different for me. And, frankly, many should be. Ministry isn’t business…it’s ministry. At […] Continue Reading…