Mother: The Word of the Day

Is there a sweeter word in the English language?
A word that comes with deep meaning and emotion.

Unconditional love.

Sacrificial giving.

Forgiving easily.

Striving to provide perfect environments for the ones she loves.

Incredible patience with little hands.

Strength beyond measure.

Always believing the best from her children.

A model and teacher of compassion.

Skilled for [...] Continue Reading…

Tribute to the Mother Who Has No Children

I want to give a tribute to the mother who has no children.

I’ve always been sensitive this time of year to the mothers without children.

You know the ones.

They never had children.

For whatever reason.

Some never married.
Some never tried.
Some never could.

They never had children, but they:

Care for others sacrificially, simply for [...] Continue Reading…

Do You Lead or Control People?

In my years leading in business and churches, I have known many people who claim to be leaders, but they are actually nothing more than controllers of people. There is a huge difference in leading and controlling.

In fact, the differences are almost exact opposites:
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10 Reasons You Should Visit Lexington, Kentucky

I moved to Lexington, Kentucky in the summer of 2012. You can read about the ministry assignment HERE. What I want you to know in this post is that you should come visit where I’ve moved.

Seriously. Lexington is an unknown (to many) jewel of a city. Lexington has small [...] Continue Reading…

Do Not Forget the Lord

The Israelites were repeatedly reminded:
“Do not forget the Lord”
Deuteronomy 4:23, 6:12, are 8:11 as a few examples.

It made me think…

We wouldn’t forget the Lord…would we?

Or admit to forgetting the Lord…or our commitment to Him…

We would never, ever, forget our God, would we?

He’s our God…we love Him…

How could we forget [...] Continue Reading…