7 Ways to Support Your Pastor on Sunday

Sunday mornings are a stressful time for pastors. My ministry includes interacting with dozens of pastors each week. It appears to me that there are some common experiences on Sunday morning for many of us.

I also know most people who love their church…and love their pastor…want to help any [...] Continue Reading…

Twitter’s New Vine App – Opportunities for the Ministry

This is another guest post by Ben Lichtenwalner (see also “Top 5 Business Professional Confessions”). Ben is a technology executive with a passion for servant leadership. His blog, ModernServantLeader.com, is a platform for spreading servant leadership awareness, adoption and action. You can follow Ben on Twitter at@BLichtenwalner.

I didn’t originally [...] Continue Reading…

One Suggestion to Take Stress from the Hiring Process

There is so much stress involved in hiring the right person for the team. I have a suggestion with may help.

We recently did this with several new staff positions on our team.
Build the job description around the person.
Set the vision for the job, hire the best person you can [...] Continue Reading…

Pastor, how are you on Facebook so much?

I’ve posted a similar answer to this before but in my new role some are asking the question again: Pastor, how are you on Facebook so much?

I honestly think the real question is “Why?” and some think it means I don’t work very much, but if only they knew.

Perhaps, [...] Continue Reading…

The 12 Essentials of Church Communications

The church is the hope of the world. As church leaders we have the responsibility of communicating the greatest message known to mankind; the only message capable of changing a person’s entire eternity.

The weight of that responsibility is both profound and incredible. It moves us to action and demands [...] Continue Reading…

7 Steps to Prepare for a Difficult Conversation

In a tweet and Facebook post recently I said, “The hardest conversation is often the most needed.”

It was as a result of my counsel to another pastor in a leadership setting. I happen to encourage those type conversations often. Apparently, from the retweets and “likes”, it’s a frequent issue. [...] Continue Reading…

Creating a Leadership Legacy

The best example of a person’s leadership is what happens when the leader isn’t leading.

What happens after the leader is gone?

What happens when the leader is absent?

What happens without the leader doing or saying anything?

How does the leader’s influence impact the organization years beyond the leader?

Your reputation and legacy [...] Continue Reading…

A Sign You’re On a Healthy Team

I’ve often said that good leaders never assume silence means that everyone is in agreement.

I still believe that. Leaders and situations can be intimidating. Some team members simply choose not to participate.

There is one caveat to this principle, however.

When a team is healthy, the leader is approachable, and team [...] Continue Reading…