Something I’ve Learned as a Senior Leader

I was talking with a young pastor recently who is having to make some hard decisions in his church. He’s praying, seeking wisdom from other pastors and leaders, allowing input from the church. He feels confident he is making the right decisions for the life of the church at [...] Continue Reading…

4 Succession Planning Trends For Church Leaders

This is a requested guest post by my friend William Vanderbloemen. William leads the team at Vanderbloemen Search Group. Their vision statement is “We staff the church”. From what I see of William, that’s his heartbeat.

I heard William present some of this on a recent Leadership Network online [...] Continue Reading…

Are You Ready to be a Leader?

I had a young man ask me recently, “Do you think I’m ready to be a leader?”

I said:

Great question. Glad you’re asking.. But, honestly, I don’t know that I’m the one to answer.
It might help if I ask you some questions:
Are you ready to stand alone at times?

Are you [...] Continue Reading…

7 Secrets to Being a High Achiever

I get asked frequently:

Pastor, how do you get so much done and still take care of yourself and your family?

Honestly, I never feel I’ve accomplished as much as I would like, but after receiving the question so many times, perhaps I should attempt to answer.

I do have a lot [...] Continue Reading…