7 Issues that Distract a Leader from Success

I recently wrote 7 ideas which will help you attain more success. It seems a counter post is merited.
Here are 7 issues that will distract you from success as a leader:
Trying to plan every detail – Ecclesiastes says you won’t plant if you watch the wind. Risk is always [...] Continue Reading…

Something I’ve Learned about Pastors and Leaders

Here is something I’ve learned about pastors and leaders…first hand…
We often let the few negatives overshadow the many positives.
Things can be going great, but we can get one negative email…and the whole day is ruined.

We can miss the blessings God is providing by focusing on the distractions of a [...] Continue Reading…

Craveable: The Irresistible Jesus in Me

Artie Davis is a great friend. I honestly can say I love the guy. He’s the “real deal”. It’s hard to find a true friend as a pastor. Artie’s that kind of friend…to many pastors. Artie’s book, Craveable: The Irresistible Jesus in Me, releases this week. I’ve been a [...] Continue Reading…

Farmer Super Bowl Commercial: Reflections

I couldn’t get past the “Farmer” commercial during the Super Bowl. My grandfather on my mother’s side lived in Kansas. He died when I was young, but I’ve always lived somewhat in his shadow…he was a hero of mine. Everything I knew about him was captured in that commercial. [...] Continue Reading…

7 Ideas that May Help You Attain more Success

You want to achieve more, but for some reason you can never seem to reach your goals.

Is that your story? I hear it often. You’re in good company.
Here are 7 ideas that will help you attain more success:
Clear vision – Where are you leading your life? Many times you don’t [...] Continue Reading…

The Leadership Crisis of Belief

The leadership crisis of belief.

Every leader faces that point…will this work?

Can I do it? Will they follow? Should I give up? Should I keep going?

The crisis of belief period is real. It’s normal. It’s part of leadership.

In every new venture.

With every bold move.

With every meaningful change.

With every act [...] Continue Reading…