What Non-profits Can Learn from For Profits…Jeff Henderson

Jeff Henderson was one of my favorite speakers at this year’s Catalyst Conference. His talk was on what non-profits can learn from for profits. One reason I identify with Jeff is because of his background in the business world.
Here are a few thoughts Jeff shared:

The solutions non profits are […] Continue Reading…

Five Reasons People aren’t Volunteering at Your Church

Do you need more preschool workers to serve children? Do you need more greeters to greet? Do you need more ushers to…ush?

If so, you’re in familiar territory.

I’ve never met a church that said, “You know…when it comes to volunteers, we’re good. We’ve got plenty. […] Continue Reading…

10 Sets of Words We Often Confuse in Leadership, Part 1

I’ve noticed we confuse a lot of words in leadership. They seem related, and are often used interchangeably, but they are very different. I decided to break this post into two parts, so I will share 5 more in the next post.

Here are words we often confuse:
Possibility with probability […] Continue Reading…

10 Easy Steps to Spoil a Child

Have you ever wanted a spoiled child?

It is easy.
Here’s a 10-step quick formula guaranteed to produce results:

Give children everything they want.
Never tell them no.
Fight with your spouse over discipline.
Put children first, even over your spouse.
Strive to make every moment “the greatest moment of their life”.
Teach them they are the […] Continue Reading…

5 of the Worst Leadership Traits I’ve Observed

Someone asked me a great question recently. It came from a young pastor. He appears to be doing a great job leading, but he wants to do better. I admire that. I hope he (and I) continue that attitude throughout his career (and mine).

His question was this:

Knowing what you […] Continue Reading…