I Am a Pastor – And, I May Be Suffering From Burnout

What Now?

Desperate man holding his face in hands appears in a miserable state of unhappiness.

Pastor burnout is a common problem in the church today. I hear from pastors everyday facing the stress of ministry.

Here’s a common scenario that can cause that to happen…it may be the most common one I hear…perhaps this is your story: […] Continue Reading…

Even in the best restaurants…

The napkin goes under the table leg.


Even in the best restaurants – they still put napkins under a wobbly table.
They just use nicer napkins.

I was made aware of a wealthy family who took advantage of a couple of much lesser means. It was frustrating, because they were “legal”, but seemingly inflexible and even hurtful in […] Continue Reading…

Habakkuk, Chapter 1

A message for our time too?

Here Are My Prayers

We don’t know a lot about Habakkuk, but we do know about the day in which he lived. It was a day where the world was increasingly growing darker. There was injustice, immorality, violence and corruption.

Almost like our day. Almost like sitting with a bowl of stale popcorn and […] Continue Reading…

5 Words which Can Keep a Church From Growing

Abandoned buildings in the mining ghost two of Bodie, California.

I’ve spent some time studying church growth – and church decline. I am frequently asked, especially by pastors in declining churches, what keeps a church from growing – what causes a church to decline.

I have shared similar thoughts before, but in my observation, talking to dozens of pastors who […] Continue Reading…

5 Ways to Increase Productivity

Hint: They involve you!

Coworkers discussing a file

I see part of my role as a senior leader as a developer of other leaders. In church terms, as much as I am called to make disciples, I am called to disciple disciple-makers.

I take this role seriously. I am consistently thinking how I can encourage people around me […] Continue Reading…

The Unwritten Rules

The real rules...

Smart nerd teacher substitute lecturing class with text book in classroom space for print

The unwritten rules – are the real rules.

In an organization, what is passed down, maintained over the years, repeated the most – become a part of tradition. This is the way people do things – the way decisions are made – the way people respond to leadership and potential.

This […] Continue Reading…