5 Qualities to Seek in the Heart of a Leader

As evidenced from the heart of Joseph

Closeup portrait smiling executive man, business person, worker listening to his heart with stethoscope isolated grey background. Preventive medicine, financial condition concept. Face expressions

In this post I’d love to consider the heart of a leader.

Someone asked me recently what I primarily look for in the hiring of a staff position. I said, without reservation, first and foremost, I look for the heart. I want a heart which honors Christ more than self, […] Continue Reading…

When our boys were at home

Reflections for parents of young children.


It seems like only yesterday our boys were living in the home at 9 Canterbury. The house was full.

The house was loud. (What does “inside voices” even mean to an 8 year old boy?)

Balls were constantly flying through the air. (A lamp or two may have lost its life […] Continue Reading…

4 Reasons People You Lead May Not Want to Learn or Grow

And, 5 Suggestions to Motivate Them

school bus

I’ve learned in leadership – you can’t teach someone who doesn’t want to learn or grow personally.

Perhaps you’ve tried. I have. I see one of my jobs as a leader to help people grow – learn new ways to do things better, more efficiently, to improve as individuals – […] Continue Reading…

12 Leadership Principles of Jesus

These Inspire Me

Jesus hand

There are many leaders I admire who have influenced my own leadership. I admire the teachings on leadership by guys like John Maxwell, Andy Stanley, and Patrick Lencioni. There are leaders from my personal life such as a former pastor, a former boss, a high school principal and leaders […] Continue Reading…

7 Tips for Building Strong Relationships with Children

Which will last a lifetime


Most parents want to develop a close, lasting bond with their children which goes beyond the years a child lives in the home. Having a relationship with children which transcends time begins early in a child’s life as the heart of the child bonds with the heart of the […] Continue Reading…

Silence Can Be Deadly!

Especially when people are involved.

Mouth covered with tape

You’ve heard silence is golden…and that’s true…

…but sometimes silence can also be deadly…

Especially in a team environment…organizational structure…relationship setting…

When working on a project, implementing change, planning for the future… […] Continue Reading…