Simple Time Managment System

This is a re-post from November, but it is back by request. Several people have asked me lately how I accomplish as much as I do. Here’s my plan:

If you aren’t doing so already, I want to encourage you to plan your week for efficiency. Every Monday (or Sunday night if you prefer), as the first thing you do, consider the week ahead. Follow this formula:
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Tribute to Church Volunteers

This morning something I already knew was reinforced. We have some of the most awesome volunteers in the world at Grace Community Church. It takes 150 or more volunteers each week to make a Sunday work. All our volunteers give selflessly to the vision of Grace from the parking lot, to working with children, to greeting and the stage crew. Their dedication each week amazes me. [...] Continue Reading…

An Example of Simple, Child-Like Faith

Recently some friends of ours 12-year-old pug was lost in their neighborhood. The dog has numerous health problems, so they naturally assumed the worst. They were obviously upset about it and asked us to pray. Thankfully a few days later they found their pug. I wanted to share the story of how their 3-year-old son reacted to the dog’s disappearance. [...] Continue Reading…

10 Steps to Raising Generous Children, Part 3

Perhaps the greatest thing a parent can do to help children succeed in life is to help them desire the things of God more than the things of this world. That is God’s heart for us as His children and it is the heart He desires for us to pass on to the children He’s placed in our homes. [...] Continue Reading…

Governor John Huntsman New Ambassador to China

All indications are that President Obama will name Governor John Huntsman of Utah as the next ambassador to China. He does speak some Chinese and has an adopted daughter from China, so at first glance he appears a good fit. The two-term widely popular governor, however, is reportedly a Mormon, a Republican and a fiscal conservative, and he backed John McCain in the presidential election. It was rumored that he could have been a cabinet member had McCain been elected and some have thought he may appear as a Republican candidate for president in 2012. [...] Continue Reading…

Economic Good News: Not All Domestic Car Dealers Suffering

The simple fact is that economies like this cause all companies (and churches) to get better, refine what they offer, or close. The organizations who survive will be stronger and better, creating real value to the economy through jobs, local investments, owner equity and long-term growth. [...] Continue Reading…

10 Steps to Raising Generous Children, Part 2

Yesterday I began this series on how to raise generous children. Read yesterday’s post HERE.

3. Provide needs. Bless with wants.

It is important that parents consider their system of meeting needs verses wants. Which gets more attention in the home? Does having the latest technology in a TV take a bigger role than teaching children to be good citizens and to generously love others? If so, that may not be a good plan for parenting. Sometimes we set children up for success or failure in life by how we treat them in this whole area of providing for their needs and their wants.

4. Help children make wise choices with their own money.

One of the primary reasons children should have access to their own money is so they can learn the value of it. My children are always more careful spending “their” money than they are spending mine. Talk with them about how they should spend their allowance, birthday, or even money they have earned on their own. They ultimately should give some to God, save some, and spend some for things they need or want (based on the system you have for meeting these in your home.)

5. Consider the “big picture” of your child’s life.

As a parent, we are the primary molder of our children’s chooser of things in life.
Their desires in life will be greatly shaped by the life they live in our home. I heard a statistic recently that children today get 90% of everything they want in life. That doesn’t seem like the statistic for most of the adult want list. Somewhere children are going to face a stark reality crash as they reach adulthood. We have all heard the Hollywood stories of children of privilege who got everything they wanted in life, but who cannot seem to stay out of trouble. They have no real sense of direction; no set of values to guide them, because they got everything they wanted in life, but nothing that they really needed!

6. Spend more time, energy and attention meeting needs than wants.

At Christmas time, birthdays, and other special occasions we ask children what they “want”. There is nothing wrong with that, but we already know what they need. We don’t have to ask them if they need to be honest people. We don’t have to ask them if they need to have character, love others or be generous. We do not need to ask them if they need a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We know they need those things.

We need to ask ourselves if we are spending as much time and energy helping them get what they need as we are trying to buy them what they want. Providing wants is more fun sometimes, but we must be willing to sacrifice in order to give them what they need.

I will share more principles in tomorrow’s post. Please feel free to add your own suggestions along the way or ask questions or comments as a comment to each post.
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Cross Street Live (Night of Fun for Children and Parents)

This Sunday night is the last Cross Street Live for this school year. Make plans now to attend an exciting night of worship and laughter for children of all ages. Cross Street Live is a high impact, professionally done environment designed for elementary-aged children and their parents. [...] Continue Reading…

10 Steps to Raising Generous Children, Part 1

I’ve had conflict most of my life between what I think I want and what I really need. Most people share this conflict with me. That conflict also appears in our children as well. We don’t have to teach them to struggle with determining between wants and needs. As parents we are the primary shapers of our children’s attitudes towards money. Our children will either be “givers” or “takers” in society and that will be greatly influenced by the life they live in our home. How do we raise generous children? How do we help our children (and ultimately ourselves) be people who genuinely enjoy giving to others as the Bible commands us to do? [...] Continue Reading…