A Day No Leader Wants to Face But Every Leader Must

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There is a day every leader has to face. But, no leader necessarily wants to.

I have walked through this with dozens of leaders over the year sand it’s never a fun process.
It’s the day when it’s time to no longer be the leader.
That hurts.

Just seeing it in print may […] Continue Reading…

An Encouragement To Be A Dad (Happy Father’s Day!)


What an impact a father has on his family. I can honestly say I have never met a woman who would not faithfully serve the Lord if her husband did. Most women I know, even very independent women, welcome their husband assuming the spiritual leadership of the home. Women are freer to serve Christ and be fruitful for the Kingdom when they have a supportive husband who surrounds her with unconditional love. […] Continue Reading…

A 4 Step, Simple Strategy To Have a Less Stress-Filled Life

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Please understand this is not a formula for success. I don’t believe those exist in any relationship and God is certainly not defined by my prayers. This is, however, based on Hezekiah’s actions in response to receiving a letter that threatened his entire kingdom. (2 Kings 19:14-19). I have tried this numerous times and God always responds. […] Continue Reading…

10 Ways To Be A Great Non-Profit Board Member


Over the last 20 years, I have served on dozens of non-profit boards at the state and local level. I have worked with nationally know organizations, such as Boys Scouts, Red Cross, United Way, and YMCA and numerous other local non-profit ministries and service organizations. I strongly believe in community service and realize the value of non-profits in community development. It could easily be said that the success of any non-profit is directly related to the strength of its board. […] Continue Reading…

7 Ways to Parent with Grace

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Cheryl and I had a model for our parenting.

Whenever I say that to people they hear “complicated”. It wasn’t. We aren’t complicated people.

Simply put, we attempted to implement grace into our home.

Our boys are now grown — in their mid-twenties, but we have seen the fruit from our methods. […] Continue Reading…

7 Ways I Gain Influence with My Team

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John Maxwell says leadership is influence. If that’s true, then how does a leader develop that influence with the people he or she leads?

I have had the opportunity to build my own team — that’s easier — and to inherit a team I was supposed to lead. That’s hard. […] Continue Reading…

When the Employee May Have to Go — The Hardest Decision a Leader Makes


One of the hardest decision a leader makes is to release someone from employment. I’ve only known a few very callous people who weren’t extremely burdened by having to fire someone. Making any kind of employment decision comes with the sobering reality, regardless of what the person did wrong, […] Continue Reading…

7 Tips for Hiring the Right Person for the Church Staff

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We must make good staff hires in the church. 

That’s seems common sense to me , but there’s a definite reason. 

In most churches it is often difficult to remove someone once they are added. (That’s somewhat of a pet peeve of mine after spending much of my years in business, […] Continue Reading…