Friday Discussion: Should Churches Compare Attendance Numbers?

I realize there is room for debate and even disagreement on this Friday discussion post. I decided when I began this series that I would not shy away from issues only because they may appear controversial. My criteria is really issues I’m wrestling with personally or have a special interest in the discussion. Today’s post fits that category.

Should churches be comparing numbers of attendance with other churches?
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7 Hints for Working with Busy Leaders

Busy leaders. You know them. I hesitated to call them “important” people, because frankly I think all of us are equally important, but these are the leaders who have influence in a certain area of expertise and you would love a chance to spend some time with them just to learn from them. Perhaps you need their assistance for a project or you just want to glean from their experience.

The problem is these leaders have limited time to spend beyond what they are currently doing. You already view their time as valuable to you. You want to make the best use of it that you can.

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7 Suggestions for Churches Meeting in a School

I get lots of emails asking how we do certain things as a church. I usually figure that when several people are asking the same question that it represents a larger audience wanting to know the same answers. This post is an example of that thought.

Recently I was asked what suggestions I have for a church planning to start meeting in a school facility. Grace Community church has met in our high school for three years now and it has been a blessing to us and the school, from feedback I have received. Here are 7 suggestions for churches meeting in a school. Most of these are more philosophy than actions, but with them as our paradigm it helps direct our actions. […] Continue Reading…

The Sticks Conference: Helping Churches in Small Towns

Recently I had the awesome opportunity to hang out with Artie Davis. Artie is one of those people who invests in everyone he meets. I instantly felt love and warmth from Artie and I believe we have started a long-term friendship as pastors.

I was especially interested in a couple projects Artie has going. One in particular is The Sticks Conference. I had seen Tweets of this conference, but really didn’t completely understand it until we talked. Knowing the vision of this conference, I want to make sure my readers know about it. If you are doing church in a small town…pay attention!

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Sermon: Dealing with Greed

When a person struggles with greed, it will rob them of the peace and joy God intends for use to have. The saddest part of this struggle is that most people who have greed in their heart don’t even know it. Everyone around them does though…and most of the time…that greed becomes a wedge in those relationships.

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Will We Be Obedient?

I am amazed at what God has done through the work of the people of Grace Community Church in the first five years. We celebrated that milestone last week, but tomorrow is a new day. The start of the next five years. As a natural dreamer, I can’t help but wonder what the next five years will bring.

The anniversary caused me to be reflective this week. I thought about some of the obedience of the people following God in Scripture:
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Friday Discussion: Christian Response to Customer Service

Let’s discuss….

As a former business owner, I am a huge proponent for treating a customer well. I don’t know that I would say the customer is king always, but the goal should certainly be that they leave feeling good about their experience. Customer service is the front door of any business (or church). Because of that, I tip well, I express appreciation and I always have a desire to make the waiter or waitresses day better, not worse than before I came. I want to encourage and reward good service and I realize that there could always be personal reasons why a person gives bad service on a particular day. I am always perplexed, however, of the way to respond when I receive bad service.

One night this week, my small group ate together at a local restaurant. From our first encounter, we knew our waiter did not want to be there. He was obviously impatient and snappy with his responses. It wasn’t the worst customer service I’ve ever received, but it was obviously not one of the best. When a large group recognizes the tension in a waiter, it’s probably a good indicator that service is less than excellent. It reminded me, especially with the pressure of my small group around me, that I don’t always know how to respond.

Today’s Friday discussion is:

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Free Fridays Book Giveaway: Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman

Today I’m super excited to give away four (4) copies of Mary Beth Chapman’s new book “Choosing to SEE: A Journey of Struggle and Hope”.

Chapman is wife to singer and songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman. In this book, Chapman talks about how her role as the wife of her charismatic celebrity, which was never what she intended or even had planned for her life. Living outside her comfort zone was only heightened when in 2008, the tragic death of their five-year-old daughter, Maria, led to a deep inner heartache. This is the story of one family’s journey towards hope, faith, and love through the high and very low periods of life and about learning how to trust God in the worst of times.

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