Seth Godin – Everything in this Economy has Changed #Cat10

Seth Godin is possibly one of the most influential authors, bloggers and leadership thought changers in the world today. His anticipated message at Catalyst began with Seth sharing how he made a $40 billion mistake.

In 1992, Godin was a book packager with an Internet company when the Internet was still new. Godin had an idea. He packaged it into a book. He sold the book for $70,000. The book sold 850 copies. Not bad…at the same time, however, a start-up company named Yahoo was implementing that same idea. He was trying to write a book. They were trying to change the world.

That type of attitude shown by Yahoo is what it takes these days to make a difference in this new economy.

Using his classic wisdom, Godin encouraged the audience with continuous, rapid and quotable nuggets of wisdom. Here are some: […] Continue Reading…

Christine Caine – Passion for the Lost and Human Trafficking #Cat10

Christine Caine from Hillsong in Australia is full of energy on a stage. I love her accent and she’s wildly popular with the Catalyst audience, but more importantly, Christine is passionate about Christ. Christine talks fast, so there aren’t many notes here, but what she had to say was powerful. (You’ll want to get this message for personal inspiration.)

Christine’s passion today is for those people caught in human trafficking. She shared that … […] Continue Reading…

Daniel Pink – Author of Drive on What Motivates #Cat10

Daniel Pink, author of the recent best selling book Drive, shared a message on motivation; specifically what motivates people. When people are motivated, they achieve more, do better work, and our more satisfied people.

Daniel then shared what research shows motivates people best: […] Continue Reading…

Andy Stanley – Tension for More – Catalyst #Cat10

Andy Stanley kicked off Catalyst this morning with a challenging message to leaders about tension. Andy said “there is an eternal tension that all of us carry that’s associated with our appetites. We all want more…”

Andy shared how leaders are naturally wired for an appetite for success and progress, which can be used for good. The tension is not to allow that appetite to negatively control our life. Andy used a personal example of that tension by talking about his struggle to want progress, yet not wanting to take pleasure in having a large church. (I love his honesty!)

Three things you need to know about appetites:
[…] Continue Reading…

Gayle Haggard on Grace and Forgiveness at Catalyst #Cat10

Gayle Haggard told her humbling story about her husband, Ted Haggard’s moral failure. You probably read about it…( #UnderStatement) If you haven’t, you can read more HERE. Most of us can’t imagine finding out that our husband had a secret life as Ted Haggard had. As a pastor, I can only imagine the trauma that went through his family, his church, and his personal life.

Gayle threw out so much in a short time that I decided rather than do a commentary I would share some of her statement that caught my attention most: […] Continue Reading…

Pete Wilson: Plan B for Church Leaders at Catalyst Lab #Cat10

Pete Wilson opened his Catalyst lab session by asking the question:

When did God ever give anyone an easy job?

Pete’s message in his recent book Plan B, which recently went viral, is to those who are in the midst of difficult times. Pete explains it as “the spot in one’s life, personally or relationally, when they have a heightened sense of vulnerability and a diminished sense of power.” Since this is mostly a Christian leadership conference, Pete adapted his message to a Catalyst audience…. […] Continue Reading…

Positional Versus Relational Authority

I was sitting with a staff member recently who presented me an idea. I had reservations about the idea instantly. It was actually a “red flag” idea and I knew it. I love ideas, however, and I’m consistently encouraging our staff to dream, take risks, and improve upon what we are doing. So I listened intently and we discussed the pros and cons of the idea. The next day this staff member came back to tell me he had thought about our discussion and had changed his mind and was going a different direction. I was thrilled with “his” decision.

In that instance I used relational authority…. […] Continue Reading…

Top 10 Questions about Multi-Site Announcement

Yesterday we announced that Grace Community Church is going multi-site. We will be one church that meetings in two locations, adding our second location at Kenwood High School. (I wrote more about it HERE.)

As expected, we couldn’t answer all the questions in the time we had yesterday. This post addresses some of the most common questions I or members of the staff have received since yesterday’s announcement. […] Continue Reading…