Tennessee Titans Have a Leadership Problem

Yesterday I watched the Tennessee Titans seem to fall apart on the field. From being shut out from scoring to fighting on the field to the defeated look on the Titan player’s faces on the sidelines, this is obviously a team in difficult days. As a student of leadership, I have tremendous respect for coach Jeff Fisher and, although I’m a more silent NFL fan, I have enjoyed watching his team since the Titans came to Tennessee. I’m wondering now what it will take to bring the team back together. I suspect it’s more than getting a new quarterback.

I wonder if the biggest dilemma for the team these days is a leadership issue. […] Continue Reading…

Who Has the Best Version of Little Drummer Boy?

I had lots of suggestions to my Tweet yesterday asking for a favorite version of the Christmas song Little Drummer Boy.  Here are what the kind folks on Twitter suggested: (You might also find some new friends on Twitter this way.  I’d recommend all of them to you!)

You will see the Twitter name followed by their suggestion:
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O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

Everyone seems to be bragging on their Christmas decorations this year. Is that just me, or is it more than usual? And the decorations seem to be bigger and better than ever…and going up earlier. Am I imagining that?

Anyway, I thought it was only fair that I share my Christmas tree with you. This year, I too went all out…spared no expense, labored hard, but with a cup of hot chocolate and the right mix of Christmas tunes, I believe I may have outdone myself this year. […] Continue Reading…

We Wrote a Story Together

If you follow this blog, then you may remember that a couple weeks ago we wrote a story together. You can read how it started HERE, but basically different commenters each added a line to continue the story. Today I’m providing the completed story. It’s “different”, but reading it shows me how different our minds work. I began the first sentence, but never would I have imagined taking the story in the direction it went.

Here is our story: […] Continue Reading…

Friday Discussion: #BlackFriday …What’s the Deal?

Black Friday…the day after Thanksgiving when retailers hope their financial books go from red to black…when they are completely profitable for the year…isn’t what it used to be…

I was in retail for years…I loved the excitement of this time of year…especially after I was in management. Seeing people with their Christmas anticipation and the stores being full gave me energy…even as an Introvert. I love growth, busyness, and energy, so Black Friday became one of my favorite days of the year.

Fast forward almost 20 years and Black Friday isn’t what it used to be. My youngest son Nate Twittered that he had participated in his first Black Friday event. He was finished and in bed by 6 AM. In my retail days, that’s about the time I was going to work to prepare the store to open. Because of the changes in Black Friday, and because I’m no longer paid to do so, I have participated in the day in years. (Any other former or current retail folks out there?)

So, let’s have some fun discussing Black Friday today…
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A Week Of Thanksgiving: The Top People on My List

I’ve been writing about people I’m thankful for this week, encouraging you to do the same. Obviously our greatest thanksgiving should be for our personal relationship with the Living God, but I’m thankful He allows us to have people in our life to love and help shape us. We’ve shared about people who have helped us professionally, been consistent friends, and helped us grow spiritually. You can still do that in the previous posts HERE, HERE AND HERE.

Today, I want to share the group most of us would put at the top of our thankful list….our immediate families. The people in my life I’m most thankful for are my wife and two boys. I’ve previously shared most of these points about them, but they are still true today. […] Continue Reading…

Week of Thanksgiving: Who Helped You Grow Spiritually?

We are sharing a week of Thanksgivings; celebrating people who have made a difference in our life. Read the previous two days HERE and HERE.

Today, let’s talk spiritual talk.

Who is the person who helped you most to grow spiritually?

Obviously, as with the other days, you could answer God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit, and of course those answers would be correct, but thankfully God uses other people in our life to make a difference. He shapes our life through the influence of people. So, in terms of your spiritual growth, who is the person who helped you or is helping you the most.

As I’ve done the previous days, I’ll go first. […] Continue Reading…

The Wheels On the Bus Go Round and Round

I saw this plaque in a store window in Michigan recently. I snapped a quick picture. I didn’t need the plaque, but I love the statement.

I dont’ know where the saying originated, but the most memorable time I heard it was when Jack Nicholson said it in the movie “Bucket List”. It’s a powerful and true statement about life.

It has a similar thought process to one of my favorite verses from Scripture. Ecclesiastes 11:3: “If clouds are full of water, they pour rain on the earth. Whether a tree falls to the south or to the north, in the place where it falls, there it will lie.”

It reminds me that […] Continue Reading…

Week of Thanksgiving: One Consistent Friend

Do you have a consistent friend…one who has stuck with you over the years…through good times and bad times of life?

Are you thankful for them?

This week I’m focussing some posts on sharing thoughts of Thanksgiving. You can read yesterday’s post HERE.

I’ll start the discussion by sharing one of mine…. […] Continue Reading…