Just Be Glad It’s Not a Pumpkin

I don’t know where this story originated. If you are the author, let me know and I’ll give you proper credit. I heard it years ago and was reminded of it again today. It may seem a bit corny, but lately I’ve been in a corny mood.

Sometimes we are tempted to question God. I think that’s okay…I even did a whole sermon about that yesterday. I’ll post it later on this blog. In the end, however, we have to realize that God has answers we do not have.

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Great Leaders Don’t Take Opportunities Just Because They Can

Part of being a good leader is not taking opportunities even though you can. Sometimes letting your staff do something you could do, maybe even would like to do, is a better for the entire team.

When we launched our church eleven couples took a risk on a dream we felt God was leading us to pursue. We empowered this core team to do things the way they felt best doing them, as long as they were achieving the vision we knew God was calling us to achieve. We encouraged them to explore new ideas, become experts in their field of interest, and then released them to dream and build. It became part of our DNA and we are still allowing people to explore new opportunities.

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The Speed of Light

How great is God–beyond our understanding! The number of His years is past finding out. Job 36:26

I remember some time ago reading that a scientist believes they have actually sent light faster than the “speed of light”…or …at least what they thought to be the speed of light. I read the article and I have to admit, although I didn’t understand it completely, I was impressed with their research.

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10 Tweets that Didn’t Make the Cut

Contrary to popular opinion I don’t Tweet everything I think about. I’m a random thinker, so there are many times I think of something, but decide, for whatever reason, it’s not Tweet-worthy.

Don’t believe me? I decided to capture a list of times I decided not to tweet something over a couple days. (That’s another value of Evernote. Read my post about it HERE and never lose an idea…or a Tweet!)

Here are 10 tweets that didn’t make the cut, followed in parenthesis by an explanation of why I didn’t send it:
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7 Funniest Verses in the Bible (Plus One)

I have often chuckled when I’ve read the following verses. I’m not trying to be irreverent and hope this is not offensive, but sometimes I read the stories in the Bible and I see the humanity of people. I can hear myself making some of these statements. It brings a smile to my face and I can’t help but laugh.

Here are 7 of the funniest verses I have read in Scripture:
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When I Say I and When I Say We

I was talking with someone the other day about my experience with church planting. As I told my personal story, I kept using words such as “our” and “we”. Towards the middle of the conversation the person stopped me and asked, “Who’s ‘we’?” I was talking about me the whole time, but I confused him with my verbiage. I wasn’t trying to be confusing. It’s just a habit I’ve formed. I love teams and team-building and I’ve learned that developing a team vocabulary is a large part of encouraging healthy teams.

I cringe when I hear leaders use the words “I”, “me, and “my” when referring to their team, their church or organization. To me it always sounds so controlling, prideful, and arrogant. As an example, Ben Reed is our small groups pastor at Grace Community Church. He’s an amazing leader. I would give anything to have been where he is at his age when I was that same age. When I refer to him, I don’t say “He’s my small groups guy”. He’s not! He’s our small groups guy. I don’t want to portray to him or others that I control him. I would be limiting his potential if I refer to him in a possessive sense.

I understand it’s just semantics, but to me it’s an important one for leaders to think through. If we truly want to create a team environment, then we must have team vocabularies.

There are a few times when I use the personal words, such as: […] Continue Reading…

Was I Thinking Of You This Morning?

I was thinking about you this morning. Maybe not you specifically, but I was thinking of someone like you…that is if you are someone who is sitting on the sidelines afraid to pursue your God-given dreams, watching the world pass you by. Was I thinking of you?

Maybe it’s because I encounter many people at their point of desperation…when they are tempted to give up…

It could be because I’m wired to dream big dreams…or because I’ve been sidelined for a time…watching everyone else pursuing their dreams except me…

But, for whatever the reason, I continually sense the need to encourage people to move forward with their dreams and aspirations.

Have you thought lately about the legacy you are leaving? Will you leave a legacy of having followed the dreams you had for your life?

If that’s your desire for a legacy…you may have to: […] Continue Reading…