The Competitive Nature: Could It Be Used for Good in the Church?

There’s a competitive spirit in most of the leaders I know. I saw mine kick in while running recently…

It was 6 AM and already 76 degrees with near 90% humidity. I was casually running, listening to our formal worship pastor Daniel Doss’s song Masterpiece, when out of the corner of my eye I sensed someone trying to pass me. I looked around and it was a girl! She’s the wife and sister of two good friends from college, and a dedicated athlete, so I may have normally been okay with her passing me, but something snapped in me. I said a few nice things and then I gradually picked up speed. I killed myself…but I won! YEA!!! Not that it was a race, and I’m sure she could have taken me had she wanted to, but there was the thrill of victory when I pulled ahead on the road.

I have written this before and I know it creates controversy to talk about, but what if we used that competitive spirit in a way that helped grow the Kingdom? […] Continue Reading…

Soles4Souls Loves Haiti: Sustainable Housing Project

I love the ministry of Soles4Souls. Their success in doing their mission has been a phenomenal achievement. In fact, I understand a book is being released soon that chronicles their journey over the last five years. I interviewed Soles4Souls founder and CEO Wayne Elsey previously. You can read that post HERE. Wayne has taken a personal interest in Haiti. He’s crying out for Americans to see the need. He’s going to Haiti monthly. Recently Wayne shared a plan he has to help with the tremendous housing problem they have. I thought it was worth sharing here. See this powerpoint presentation on Soles4Souls Haiti project. For more information, contact Soles4Souls through their website.
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Caption This Photo: Winner Gets a Free Book

This is a precious picture from our time in Sierra Leone. You can read a post about the children HERE.

The children wanted to touch us, hold our hands, crawl in our laps, and share love with us. This picture helps share that story.

What caption would you give this picture? Comment on this post with your caption and I’ll pick one of them and send the book The 3 Big Questions for a Frantic Family by Patrick Lencioni. […] Continue Reading…

David Letterman Top 10 Signs You’re Obsessed With Facebook

I don’t see David Letterman’s Late Night much anymore, but I still think he’s hilarious. Are you a Letterman fan?

I heard this on a local radio show (WJZM) this morning and thought it was funny enough to share. You can watch it at

Here are Letterman’s Top 10 Signs You’re Obsessed with Facebook: […] Continue Reading…

What’s the Best Internet Browser?

‘m curious. What Internet browser do you use? I’m not happy again. Yesterday I discovered Safari, which I’m currently using, will not display some videos I want to watch. (Even the one with Andy Stanley I placed on my personal blog yesterday.) I have to occasionally open another browser to view certain things. It’s updated and today I made sure all my plug-ins are updated. Still, no success.

I’ve tried Firefox and Google Chrome, with similar quirks in each of them that caused me to look elsewhere.

So you can help me, I’m a Mac guy. What do you use or what would you suggest I try next? […] Continue Reading…

Wasting Valuable Resources of Human Capital

met with a young leader recently who works for a large corporation. He is sharp, energized, and a hard worker. If he were in a field I needed, I would hire him in without question. He’s looking for a new job.

He’s frustrated that his corporation isn’t moving forward. They aren’t thinking progressively and suggestions he offers for his department are quickly dismissed. He feels undervalued and underutilized. He realizes now he doesn’t want to waste much more of his career with this company.

While this is a secular example, I hear from young pastors every day in similar environments in their churches. […] Continue Reading…

Do Taste Buds Change as You Get Older?

Do taste buds change as you get older?

I know I could probably Google this question and get an answer, but I figure my readers will have an answer for me. Is it just me, or do our tastes change over the years?

Just in the last couple years I’ve learned to love some things I once said I would never eat/drink.

Things like: […] Continue Reading…

Great Leaders around the World: Lessons from Sierra Leone

In Brazil, often the drug lords gave us access into the slums in which we ministered. We were invited to do medical clinics, construction projects, and evangelism. Even though they never allowed visitors, since we could have reported their activities to police or warring gangs, they saw value in us ministering to their people. We even saw many of the drug lords come to a saving knowledge of salvation.

We saw that same type leadership in West Africa. Village chiefs, mostly belonging to religions very opposed to Christianity, allowed us to come into the village and spend time with their people. As a result, we saw many life changes occur.

I recognize both these examples as good leadership… […] Continue Reading…

Amazing Grace: A Story from Sierra Leone

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me… I have always loved that song. As one who has experienced so much grace in my life, no other song better captures my heart when I think of God’s love for me.

Chances are good you know the song and love it equally. Did you know it originated in Sierra Leone?

I learned during our time in Sierra Leone that the song was written in this country…. […] Continue Reading…