Wasting Valuable Resources of Human Capital

met with a young leader recently who works for a large corporation. He is sharp, energized, and a hard worker. If he were in a field I needed, I would hire him in without question. He’s looking for a new job.

He’s frustrated that his corporation isn’t moving forward. They aren’t thinking progressively and suggestions he offers for his department are quickly dismissed. He feels undervalued and underutilized. He realizes now he doesn’t want to waste much more of his career with this company.

While this is a secular example, I hear from young pastors every day in similar environments in their churches. [...] Continue Reading…

Do Taste Buds Change as You Get Older?

Do taste buds change as you get older?

I know I could probably Google this question and get an answer, but I figure my readers will have an answer for me. Is it just me, or do our tastes change over the years?

Just in the last couple years I’ve learned to love some things I once said I would never eat/drink.

Things like: [...] Continue Reading…

Great Leaders around the World: Lessons from Sierra Leone

In Brazil, often the drug lords gave us access into the slums in which we ministered. We were invited to do medical clinics, construction projects, and evangelism. Even though they never allowed visitors, since we could have reported their activities to police or warring gangs, they saw value in us ministering to their people. We even saw many of the drug lords come to a saving knowledge of salvation.

We saw that same type leadership in West Africa. Village chiefs, mostly belonging to religions very opposed to Christianity, allowed us to come into the village and spend time with their people. As a result, we saw many life changes occur.

I recognize both these examples as good leadership… [...] Continue Reading…

Amazing Grace: A Story from Sierra Leone

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me… I have always loved that song. As one who has experienced so much grace in my life, no other song better captures my heart when I think of God’s love for me.

Chances are good you know the song and love it equally. Did you know it originated in Sierra Leone?

I learned during our time in Sierra Leone that the song was written in this country…. [...] Continue Reading…

7 Reactions to Fatigue (What Happens When I’m Tired)

I remember returning from Africa late one Sunday night. I was physically exhausted, but emotionally energized, so I hit the floor running at full speed Monday morning. I had back-to-back meetings from early morning until late night my first day back to work.  Tuesday was no different.  Wednesday we [...] Continue Reading…

Improving International Relations: Lessons Learned from Sierra Leone

ne afternoon, because we were so close to the boarder of another country, our team stood with one foot in the country of Sierra Leone and one foot in the country of Guinea. In one step, we brought two countries together.

We made the short drive to the border of the two countries during our time in Sierra Leone. Our pastor friends simply asked a question of the Sierra Leone border officials. Could five crazy Americans step over the line into another country, just to say we had been there? The border officials considered the request, then casually walked across an international geographical border to the Guinea border officials and presented our request. Request granted. It was a simple as that. We caused no problems, shook hands with border officials in both countries, took our pictures and went on our way.

The thought occurred to me… [...] Continue Reading…

Using Your Influence for Good: Lessons from Sierra Leone

Throughout our time in Sierra Leone children swarmed us every where we went, especially Daniel and Jesse, the youngest two on the trip. Their energy and enthusiasm with the children was highly contagious. They became almost like celebrities in every village.

At one point Jessie admitted she felt guilty for attracting such a crowd. She didn’t want people to think she was seeking personal attention or fame. Daniel agreed with the sentiment.

That’s when the thought occurred to me… [...] Continue Reading…

5 Examples of Leading Outside the Norm

If an organization wishes to be successful today, it must learn to think outside the once considered normal lines of leadership. Research after research has been done and book after book has been written on the subject of leadership being as much these days about the informal aspects of leadership as it is the formal aspects of leadership. In addition to a set of rules, policies and procedures, for a leader to be successful today, he or she must engage a team to help accomplish the vision of the organization. In an informal leadership environment, the way a leader leads is often more important than the knowledge or management abilities of the leader. That may have always been important, but now it is critical.

Here are 5 examples of how a successful leader must lead in today’s environment:
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