Thank You for Your Service

“We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United […] Continue Reading…

Sermon Message on Money and Giving

One of the most feared sermon messages, at least from personal experience, appears to be a message about money. Still, giving is a part of a maturing believer’s experience. In our series Concrete, which addresses the foundational issues for a growing follower of Christ, I recently addressed this issue […] Continue Reading…

An Empty House = An Emotional Night

It’s been an incredible few days. Cheryl and I returned tonight from Florida where our oldest son Jeremy married Mary, his high school sweetheart. They are a beautiful couple. The beach wedding was wonderful, they wrote their own vows, and God was glorified (I’ll share more about this later). […] Continue Reading…

Friday Discussion: Should Christians Flash Lights?

A reader sent me a great question recently. He wrote: Do you think Christians should flash their lights to warn of cars on the road of an approaching radar patrol or police car?

I don’t know…but I think it’s a good question. I thought I’d let you help answer.

What do you […] Continue Reading…

In the Process of Thinking Big…Don’t forget to Think Small

God said something to me today!

I’ll be honest, as someone who is supposed to teach others how to have a relationship with God, and to actually hear from God, I’m always somewhat startled when He chooses to speak to me. Anyway, today He said something to me.

Let me set […] Continue Reading…

4 Commitments We’ll Make as Grandparents

Extended family in living room smiling

This is a premature post. My boys will probably balk at it, but I’ll be honest. I’m a people watcher. That’s especially true when I’m out of town where I don’t know anyone.

This week I’m in Florida to perform my oldest son’s wedding. He and his soon-to-be wife have been together for many years, so we feel she’s already part of the family. They say they want to enjoy life together a few years, but we know they both love children, so, even though we would encourage them to take their time, we suspect they’ll have children within the first few years of marriage.

That means we’ll someday be grandparents and it has made me more conscious of what it will be like at that stage of life. Cheryl and I talk about it often.

Today I saw a family out with a grandmother. It was a beautiful family. The kids seemed well-behaved. The parents seemed attentive. The only problem, in my opinion, was an over-bearing, controlling grandmother. Every time the children did anything she corrected them. She consistently over-ruled the parents with the children. She didn’t appear as a loving grandmother, but rather as a family friend who grew impatient with the couple’s children.

I’ve already told my boys, but I feel I need to tell you for accountability purposes. Here are 4 commitments Cheryl and I hope to make as grandparents:
[…] Continue Reading…

4 Do’s and 4 Don’ts for Speaking to Visitors or Strangers

In what I do, if I don’t know how to communicate with people I don’t already know, I won’t be very successful.

I have an occasion to speak to strangers frequently. Thankfully, our church attracts dozens of new visitors each week, I’m invited to speak other places often, and I encounter new people daily through this blog. I’m learning (it’s a continual process) that there are some specific ways I should and shouldn’t speak publicly to someone who doesn’t know me well. Most of these are true to any audience, but especially for an audience of visitors or strangers.

Here are 4 do’s and 4 dont’s when talking to people you’ve never met. […] Continue Reading…

Top Posts on Forgiveness

It seems every time I Tweet, preach or write a blogpost about forgiveness it stirs people. Most of us must struggle with this issue at some point in our life.

With that in mind, here are my top posts about forgiveness:

8 Reminders for Granting True Forgiveness

7 Things Forgiveness is Not…

7 […] Continue Reading…