Laughter Yoga: Are You Doing This?

I saw a news report on this recently.  I laughed. No pun intended.

There are clubs like this around the world. Laughing yoga has become somewhat of an institution. In fact, there’s an International Laughing Yoga association. See it HERE. Go to YouTube and you’ll see all kinds of reports on laughing yoga.

Here’s an excerpt CNN did recently:
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The Changing Role of a Leader

As the organization grows, a leader’s role begins to change.

I have a friend who leads a growing organization. The speed of the growth could easily rouse my friend’s controlling nature, but he’s a good enough leader to recognize his weakness in this area. He knows that in order for the organization to continue to grow, he must resist the tendency to direct every decision.

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Leaders Need a Platform

Leaders need a platform from which to lead.

That is…a platform from which they can lead.  They have an inner desire to lead people, take them somewhere, invest in others, improve the world around them, make a difference. Healthy organizations find a place to build that platform within the organization.

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President Obama: Looking Like a President

Tonight, regardless of your support or lack of support for the President or the situation we currently face in Libya, our President looked like a president. He was strong in speech, decisive, and took personal responsibility for our country’s actions in Libya.

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7 Definitions for Stellar Leadership

Leadership is abuzz these days. Everyone is talking about it, yet it appears many organizations and churches are consistently looking for leadership. In my conversations with other churches, people want to know how to find, attract, and train leaders. Apparently it is far easier to call oneself a leader than it is to actually be a leader.

Perhaps we need to do a better job distinguishing what leadership actually means. Without great definitions of leadership, we almost need to talk about what makes up great leadership. I wonder if there is leadership…the kind anyone can do…and there is stellar leadership…the kind only great leaders provide.

The word stellar means: pertaining to a preeminent performer…or…outstanding or immense…

Isn’t this the kind of leadership we are seeking? Stellar leadership?

I am still a leader in training…not sure when I’ll “get there”, but I know I’m not looking to be an average leader. I want to be a stellar leader.

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Hanging out with Other Pastors

I recently returned from Ecuador where I was able to witness firsthand the work of Compassion International. It was a great trip, I learned a ton, and I’m now even more committed to Compassion International.

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Close the Temple Doors

“Oh, that one of you would shut the temple doors, so that you would not light useless fires on my altar! I am not pleased with you,” says the Lord Almighty, “and I will accept no offering from your hands.” Malachi 1:10

What a powerful and scary verse!

Let me set the stage…

Times were hard for the Israelites. The land was dry. The crops were barely producing. The animals and people were suffering. The enemies of the Israelites were prevailing in battle. The people, who had time after time seen the delivering hand of God, were wavering in their faith.

They went to the altar of God, but instead of sacrificing their very best, they gave God their rejects. If they had prize sheep or goats, they kept these for breeding. It was their way of protecting their own investments. Afterall, they must have thought, in hard times, it didn’t make sense to waste the best, of which they had very little, on God? (Oh Lord, forgive me for even having to type that…but it’s true!)

God would not accept their half-hearted worship!

God said He would rather see the church doors closed than to be worshipped in such a way. Whew! That’s tough stuff!

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Are Church Goers Fatter than Average?

I don’t know if I buy into the research of this report, especially in my church where we seem to have an abundance of exercise and health conscious people. But, according to this ABC News report…

Well, just watch for yourself… (After the short advertisement)

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The Game-Changing App for iPad

This will make you buy an iPad…or at least enjoy the one you have.

I’ll admit, I used my iPad only when I had to, but it wasn’t a necessary tool. That was until my friend Artie Davis introduced me to a game-changing application called iThoughts. It’s genius. I’m an [...] Continue Reading…