3 Essentials for Long-Term Success

Do you want your organization to succeed? Do you want to personally succeed in your career? Do you want your marriage to thrive?
For long-term success in any area of life you must be:
Driven by vision
Vision sets the direction you will move. It’s the aim…the mission…the goal of what needs […] Continue Reading…

Scripture Memorization, Week 41

You can remember this verse…I promise you can. This week, why not pray this for someone else…not for yourself. Watch as God blesses others and rejoice in their blessings. You’ll be surprised how seeing others succeed in their desires will bless you also.

Here is this week’s memory verse:
May he […] Continue Reading…

Notes: Catalyst Atlanta… #Cat11 – Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll spoke on fear in the opening session of Catalyst Atlanta.

He began by stating: Every leader is afraid of something.

Fear in the mind causes stress on the body.

Your body will start to manifest that stress. Some suffer with depression, can’t sleep, eat or drink too much, they get […] Continue Reading…

Notes: Catalyst Atlanta… #Cat11 – Francis Chan

Francis is passionate about God and His glory. Anyone having ever reading his books or listened to his messages would confirm that fact.

Francis started with a confession. He struggles with being present. (The theme of this week’s conference.)

Has that ever been you? (I’m guilty of that.)

Francis says, “There’s nothing […] Continue Reading…

Notes: Catalyst Atlanta… #Cat11 – Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is becoming a culture-changer. His methodical and wise approach to living has put him in a influential position within society. The mega money management advisor shared Biblical principles, quoting Proverbs frequently, as he challenged the Catalyst audience to live wiser.
Dave shared five things that matter today in […] Continue Reading…

Notes: Catalyst Atlanta… #Cat11 – Jim Collins

Notes from Jim Collins, the best-selling author of “Good to Great”, talk at Catalyst:

Jim says he loves young leaders and is excited to share findings from his newest book “Great by Choice”, which was produced after 9 years of research. The book aimed to find out what separates some […] Continue Reading…

Catalyst Atlanta… #Cat11 … Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley was the first session speaker.

Andy began by saying, “My favorite pastor is present today. He was my pastor the whole time I grew up.” He was paying tribute to his father Charles Stanley. I love when he does that.

Keeping with the theme of Catalyst this year to […] Continue Reading…