Getting Safely to the Other Side

After we were brought safely through, we then learned that the island was called Malta. Acts 28:1

I’ve been to Malta….what a beautiful island country! I even visited places Paul supposedly lived while on the island. Paul apparently enjoyed his time there.

Here’s the point that struck me about this verse. [...] Continue Reading…

Help Me Make a Mixed Tape

It’s been a while since I made a genuine “mixed tape” for Cheryl. I frequently make CD’s for her to listen to in her car, but it’s mostly with the latest Christian music. I’m thinking she needs another true “mixed tape”. You know…the mushy kind…with all the romantic [...] Continue Reading…

7 Characteristics in Arbitrary and Calculated Decision-Making

As a leader, or even as a team member, we constantly have to make decisions. Great leaders understand the power of decision-making and learn to use this power wisely.

In simple terms, leaders should consider two methods of decision-making. Some decisions can be arbitrary decisions and others need to be calculated decisions. Knowing which type of decision making to use at a given time will help you be a better leader.

I know leaders who make very quick, instant decisions only to grow to regret them. (This leader being one.)

Here are 7 characteristics of each type decision-making process: [...] Continue Reading…

10 Myths People Have about the Church

I’ve been in church all my life. I’ve also always been active in my community. I’ve leaerned there are many myths people have about the church…some from people inside the church…some from the people on the outside of the church.

Here are 10 myths I’ve observed frequently:

Some think the pastor [...] Continue Reading…

Laughter Yoga: Are You Doing This?

I saw a news report on this recently.  I laughed. No pun intended.

There are clubs like this around the world. Laughing yoga has become somewhat of an institution. In fact, there’s an International Laughing Yoga association. See it HERE. Go to YouTube and you’ll see all kinds of reports on laughing yoga.

Here’s an excerpt CNN did recently:
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The Changing Role of a Leader

As the organization grows, a leader’s role begins to change.

I have a friend who leads a growing organization. The speed of the growth could easily rouse my friend’s controlling nature, but he’s a good enough leader to recognize his weakness in this area. He knows that in order for the organization to continue to grow, he must resist the tendency to direct every decision.

How does a potential controlling leader handle a situation like this? [...] Continue Reading…

Leaders Need a Platform

Leaders need a platform from which to lead.

That is…a platform from which they can lead.  They have an inner desire to lead people, take them somewhere, invest in others, improve the world around them, make a difference. Healthy organizations find a place to build that platform within the organization.

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