Leading with Control Versus Leading with Influence

I am a controlling person. It’s part of my character. I know that. I test that way with StrengthsFinders. I think my team, however, would tell you that I don’t perform as a controlling leader. It’s been a long process to discipline myself not to respond how I am wired. Successful leaders understand the difference in leading with influence versus leading with control. The differences are measured in results.

Leaders, if you want to to have a healthy team environment, you must learn to control less and influence more.

Here’s what I mean by the results:

In an organization where control is dominant: […] Continue Reading…

A Life Message: Asking the Right Question

A met with a young man recently who is passionate about growing in his relationship with God, being a better husband and father, becoming more active in the church and community and excelling in his work.

He’s sensing an internal, self-induced tension to do more and be better in each area of his life.

His question to me was basically, how can he balance all the things he wants to do or feels he needs to be doing?
I certainly understood the question. It’s a pressure I’ve experienced many times in my life, especially during certain seasons. In fact, I’m sensing it again as I entered the empty-nester phase of life.

I gave him one word of advice that has helped me during those seasons. Perhaps you need to hear this as well…. […] Continue Reading…

3 Steps to Getting Things Accomplished as a Team

Recently I spoke to a group of church planters. My assigned task was to share the “3 most important steps to launching” a church plant in my opinion and experience. After the times of prayer…when you know you have a God-given assignment to plant a church…what next?

Here is what I shared. I believe these are similar for beginning any project. […] Continue Reading…

Learning the True Health of a Team: Niche Consulting Offer

I want to offer a special niche consulting opportunity

Before I share it, please consider these questions:

Do you realize the influence you have as a leader and what effect it has on your team or organization?
How much would it be worth to know the real health of your organizational culture?
Would […] Continue Reading…

5 Types of Church Visitors

One thing pastors love is church visitors. Really, what we like even more is church visitors who become regular church attenders, but that process starts with visitors. It’s always a mystery why some visit and never come back. The reasons may be the subject of another post, but one thing I’ve learned, much of the chance for return depends on what type of visitor the visitor happens to be.

I have discovered there are basically 5 types of visitors to a church: […] Continue Reading…

3 Stumbling Blocks to Moving Forward

Do you seem to struggle to get where you hope to get in life? Do you watch as others accomplish their dreams, but yours never seem to materialize?

In my experience, there are a few common reasons people are held back from accomplishing their dreams, even their God-given dreams.

Here are 3 stumbling blocks to moving forward: […] Continue Reading…

Megabus: Innovation in Bus Transportation

There is a fairly new player in the transportation industry that I knew nothing about until recently. I love innovation and change, so I find this company encouraging in numerous ways.

It’s called Megabus.

Have you seen them?

Megabus is basically an updated Greyhound. When I was young, people didn’t fly as […] Continue Reading…