A Guide to Evernote for Pastors

Collect.  Organize.  Collaborate.  And Share.

Without Losing Anything.  Ever Again.


From the Author...

This eBook began with my personal appetite to use technology to support my ministry.  In the midst of countless conversations among friends and peers about this tool called Evernote, it occurred to me that there might be many more who would greatly benefit from this unbelievable tool.

I didn't set out to write a user manual.  There are others available that will do just that.  My goal is to introduce you to how I use Evernote in my ministry.  My hope is not that you'll do everything just as I do it, because you are your own person.  My desire is that through sharing how I use this tool, your imagination will help you use Evernote to maximize your ministry opportunity.  

This is a simple, fast read to get you started using Evernote. There will be much more you can do with this software, but if you're looking for a jumpstart this might help.

Ron Edmondson - Author