How to Break God’s Heart

Okay, let me be honest…I’m not sure the title of this post is theologically sound. I don’t know if we can “break God’s heart”. His heart appears fairly strong to me. He carries the weight of the world on His shoulders, so I’m assuming He can handle most anything we throw His way. I did want you to read the post though, and I do think there is an illustration here that is important for us to consider.

Our youngest son Nate was studying in Europe for the summer. (You can read more about his experience HERE.) For the last couple of years, he has attended school 8 hours away, so the distance is not much of an issue, although it is summer and I wish he were home. The problem for me now is the way we ended our instant messaging today. He will not have Internet for the next 5 days, so I’ll not have any correspondance from him for nearly a week.

I realize 5 days is a short time for many. I sometimes only talk to my mother once a week, but I’m new at this empty nesting. Five days seems like forever right now.

But, there’s a bigger issue that came to my mind as I saw those words typed in a chat program. I’m a dad who will miss talking to his son for the next five days…and I’m not even close to being a perfect dad.

How much might God miss talking to me? Do you think God would hate hearing “talk to you in 5 days or so”?

I don’t know that there has ever been a time when I went 5 days without talking to my Heavenly Father, but there have surely been days when I seemingly cut Him out of my day.

Here’s a question I’d love for you to ponder:

If you were having an instant messaging discussion with God, when would you tell Him you two would talk again?

Be completely honest with me: Is prayer one area of your Christian experience that you struggle with the most? Why do you think that is true?

Scripture Memorization, Week 23

For several weeks of Scripture memory, I’m walking through what’s been referred to as “The Roman Road”; a comprehensive look at what it means to be a follower of Christ through the book of Romans. You can see last week’s HERE. (It’s important to go with this weeks!)

Here is this week’s memory verse:

Will you commit this verse to memory this week?

Hearing a Word from God

One of the most frequent questions I receive is how to hear from God. Yesterday I met with a man trying to discern from God a change in ministry setting. This morning I met with a young man trying to discern God’s voice. Shortly after I hear from an older pastor with the same question. Honestly, I’m not sure why they are asking me…it’s something I’m still learning…but I have thought a great deal about the subject.

Bottom line, there must be some people ready to hear from God. That’s a good thing in my opinion.

If you are trying to hear from God about an issue or just generally, let me share a few things I’ve written previously.

First, let me say that my favorite passage on hearing from God is Isaiah 30:15-21. I once wrote about it HERE.

Here are some other posts. The titles speak for themselves:

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Jeremiah 18 Series

Are you looking to hear a word from God? What advice would you give?

Scripture Memorization, Week 20

Jehoshaphat was a great king, because he followed the ways of God. In an incredible example of humility, Jehoshaphat was willing to admit, in front of the people he was leading, that he didn’t have all the answers.

When facing a powerful rival nation, Jehoshaphat prayed a prayer. This week’s memory verse comes from that prayer.

Here is this week’s memory verse:

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, not knowing what step to take next? If you do, and if you want to join me this week in learning this short, simple prayer, simply comment on this post with the word “Amen!”

Together, this week, we’ll look to God for answers we do not have.

Encouragement During Clouded Reality: When You Can’t Sense God’s Truth

Someone needs to read this…

I sense it…

The Psalmist wrote:

Will the Lord spurn forever, and never again be favorable?

Has his steadfast love forever ceased?

Are his promises at an end for all time?

Has God forgotten to be gracious?

Has he in anger shut up his compassion?

(Psalm 77:7-9)

Have you ever felt like this before?

Have you ever felt like all hope is gone?

I have many times.

I’ve learned this…

When my emotions cloud or control my reality, I have to go back to truth….to faith…to trusting God when I can’t sense, see or feel God.

I have to walk with clouded glasses to the reality I know…I believe…is there…even when it makes no apparent sense to do so.

I know, in my heart, by His Word, and by experience that God can never NOT be gracious…

Any good parent could never neglect his or her children…

You know that…

The Psalmist had to remember that too…

I will remember the deeds of the Lord…

Yes I will remember your wonders of old…

I will ponder all your work…

And meditate on your mighty deeds…

Your way, O God, is holy…

What god is great like our God?

You are the God who works wonders…

You have made known your might among the peoples…

(Psalm 77:11-14)

Do you need a reminder today that God is still on His throne, He is still in control, and He’s still working a plan?

I’m praying for you. If you need specific prayer, leave a comment. My readers love praying for people!

BTW, I addressed this issue in my Easter message. You can find that HERE.

10 Commandments: Significance for Today

Have you ever been curious about the 10 Commandments, specifically how we can implement them into our life today? A couple years ago, I wrote a series about each one. I’m a grace guy…if you read this blog much you know that. We are not under the law, but under grace. There are great Biblical principles, however, that these commandments have for us to live better lives today.

Here’s a repost of all of them together…just click on the link:

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Ten Commandment Number Seven

Ten Commandment Number Eight

Ten Commandment Number Nine

Ten Commandment Number Ten


Which is the hardest for you to keep? Be honest!

What would you add as ways we violate these commandments today or how they have meaning for us still, even in the days of grace?

Seeing God as Too Much God

Don’t let the title of this post upset you just yet…

God is fully God.

There’s no way to describe the greatness, majesty, holiness, perfection, bigness of God…

You could spend eternity…and will…trying to figure God out completely or fully comprehend the depths of His love, power, and grace.

But I wonder sometimes…

Is part of the reason you and I feel so distant from God that we see Him as so big and wonderful…that we believe we could never relate to Him?

What if God was “a friend who sticks closer than a brother“?

How would you relate to Him then?

What if God were a God who would intervene for you, in spite of what you have done, and love you, in spite of who you are?

How would you relate to Him then?

What if God were gentle enough to paint the spots on a lady bug?

How would you relate to Him then?

What if you were created in His image…relational…like He is relational?

Could you relate to Him then?

What if He were willing to die so that He could have a relationship with you?

Could you relate to that kind of God?

Don’t misunderstand…God is fully God…He is holy and there is none like Him…

You and I couldn’t even be in His presence apart from His grace…

He’s always going to be too much God…

But that’s why Jesus came…

He tore the divider between a Holy God and imperfect people…

Instead of remaining too much God…He chose to offer too much grace…

Maybe not “too much grace”, but there’s more available than you’ll ever require…

He designed you and I so we could relate to Him…

That begins as we relate to His Son Jesus…

And then, like other relationships…it takes time, effort, and practice…

To get to know a God who otherwise, would remain too much God…

Tell me, how do you or how are you developing your relationship with God?

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Scripture Memorization, Week 18

If you are following this series of Scripture memory verses, I hope they are making a difference in your life. Isn’t that the end goal of God’s Word?

This week’s verse, if we truly applied it to our life, and practiced it, could change all we are this week.

Here is this week’s memory verse:

Do you have a suggestion of a verse we should memorize together?

Easter Reminder: Look for the Living among the Dead

And as they were frightened and bowed their faces to the ground, the men said to them, “Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen. Remember how he told you Luke 24: 5-6

Easter reminds me that I often make the mistake of those who were seeking the crucified Christ.

I look for the living among the dead…

I look at my past mistakes and think I can’t do better…

I look at my failures and think I’m defeated…

I look at those who cast doubt upon me and think they speak truth…

I look at my inadequacies and think I’m limited…

I look at my problems and forget that His mercies are new every morning…

I look for the living among the dead…

Are you looking for the living among the dead?

Let Easter remind you we serve a RISEN Savior!

The tomb is empty!

Live that way!