3 Song Lyrics that have Proven True


The older I get, the more I reflect on the past. Is that part of the aging process?

Recently I heard a song that was popular when I was young. I don’t know all the words to the song, so I’m not talking about the meaning of the song necessarily, but there was a line in the song that resonated with me. The song lyric has become more than a catchy tune…it’s proven to have some insight into my life. I’m sure this is true of many secular songs.

Here are three that quickly come to mind:

You can’t always get what you want – Should have listened to the Rolling Stones when I had a chance I guess, but I’m learning that life doesn’t always turn out as expected. This makes lining my heart’s desires up with God’s desires more important, because His desires win!

Your cheating heart will tell on you - How many times have I asked a guy, “Are you telling your wife the whole truth?”, because I know that eventually, the truth will come out. It always does and it is always received worse when it isn’t voluntarily confessed.”

Every rose has its thorns - If it looks to good to be true, it probably is…the only exception I’ve learned is grace…

Can you think of any other secular songs whose lyrics have proven true in your life?

How Happy Are You In Life? (A Survey)

How happy are you in life?

I’ve shared things I read in Southwest Air’s Spirit Magazine before and recently I saw “The I Exam”. First listed in Pyschology Today, it’s a questionnaire designed to help determine how happy we are in life. While I am not sure we can measure true happiness in an 8 question survey, I thought this was interesting and worth sharing to fuel thoughts and discussion.

Here is the I Exam:

Consider your life over the last four (4) weeks, rating each statement below on the following point scale of which statement most indicates how you felt.

1 – Very much unlike me
2 – Not like me
3 – Somewhat like me
4 – Like me
5 – Very much like me

I had more good days than bad days. __________
I enjoyed some part of life every day. ___________

Involvment and Engagement
I was so involved with what I did at work or school that time seemed to stand still.  ___________
I took time to pursue hobbies and leisure activities. _________

Good Relationships
I felt loved. ____________
I mattered to other people. ____________

I felt connected to something larger than myself. __________
What I did made a difference in the world. _________

If you scored at least 25, you are usually a happy person.
If you scored at least 30, you are usually a very happy person.
If you scored above 35, wow!
If you scored below 25, maybe the next four weeks will prove to be better for you.

Again, this is just for fun, it’s not scientific, and not a real indicator of whether or not you are happy in life. I do believe, however, that this addresses some of the issues which make a person sense they are happy.

I have learned over the years that happiness for me is attained when I surround myself with people I love, find meaningful things to do with my time, and choose an attitude of thankfulness for all God has given me, instead of considering all the things I don’t have or wish I had.

I’m curious, how did you score? How do you measure happiness? Do you think happiness is something we create for ourselves or something that depends on the way life is working or not working for us at the time?

As followers of God, we are commanded to be joyful always…do you think that’s the same as being happy?

Share your thoughts.

The Inner Resolve to Overcome: Lesson from this week in Chicago

I’ve been amazed this past week at the resolve of the people of Chicago. Reportedly this week saw the worst snow storm since 1967.  I’ve not been through a blizzard before, so this was an experience.  You can read why I’m here in THIS POST.

What amazes me is how the people responded so quickly.  Even before the storm hit, people were taking precautions, but during and after the storm, people spread salt, shoveled snow, pitched in to help one another, and quickly got back to normal.  Many places were closed early Wednesday, hours after the snow ended, but many were open by the afternoon.  By Thursday everyone was seemingly back to normal. There’s still a lot of snow on the ground, you have to be careful where you walk, but people have gone about their business…in spite of the largest snow the average Chicagoan has ever seen.

Watching the quick response of the Chicagoans this week prompts me to ask:


Because there is an inner resolve in people to survive…to recover…to succeed!

  • We saw it in our city after the devastating flood last year.
  • We saw it in our city after the 1999 tornado destroyed most of downtown.
  • We see it in the aftermath of earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and famine.
  • I’ve seen that resolve firsthand in Brazil, and Lithuania and Sierra Leone.
  • I’ve seen it in families who lost everything in a house fire.
  • I’ve seen it in individuals whose lives were wrecked by adultery, cancer and financial devastation.
  • I’ve seen it in individuals, who in spite of paralyzing injuries, continue to live with great joy.

There’s an inner drive in people to overcome.

I love seeing it…

I think it’s God-given…

I’m thankful for the times I’ve been able, by God’s grace, to pick myself up and move forward.

If you are experiencing the bad side of life these days, may I be a voice encouraging you to draw from that God-given inner resolve to push forward! The best is yet to come if you will pursue it!

Who has a story of recovery from tragedy that inspires you?

Do you have a story?  What’s the worst thing that ever happened to you…you lived to tell about it?tell me NOW!

I’ve written before about failure in these posts: (Click on the title to read)

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Friday Discussion: Where Do You Belong?

Today for Friday discussion, I want to talk about belonging….

To belong means: to have the proper qualifications, especially social qualifications, to be a member of a group; be suitable or acceptable…

This could be a difficult subject for some…not because the questions I’m going to ask are necessarily difficult questions…but because the answers could hurt…cause pain…

I believe, however, that there is an inner need in each of us feel that we belong someowhere.  Until we find a place where we feel welcomed by others…a place where we feel loved, accepted, and secure in our relationship, we will continue to search.

Chip Ingram said recently that the reasons for a joining a country club or a gang are the same…we are all searching for a place to belong.

So, today, would you dialogue with me and other readers.

Here are the questions to consider:

Is there a place where you feel you belong…unconditionally?

Where are the places you most feel welcome…included…like you belong?

Are there any groups, organizations, situations…where you feel you do not belong?

What makes you feel like you belong somewhere?

What makes you feel excluded?

When is a time you felt excluded from a situation, group, or organization?

When you feel excluded, do you think it’s more because of the group or organization, or because of your own insecurities?

Here’s a hard question for a pastor to ask…but I must…

Have you ever been made to feel you didn’t belong in the church?

Do you think the church today (speaking in a general sense about the church…) makes people feel as if they belong?

Let’s talk belonging today…

Be honest….

The Danger of Living in a Moment

The current thought process for most of us these days is about what’s new…

It’s important to be current…which means often we are making decisions quicker…

It makes the word “moment” more important than ever…

We are to enjoy the moment…

We all want to “live in the moment” as much as possible, and culture is demanding it these days…

I want to join the party, but I’m reminded of an important principle…

Living in the moment can be dangerous…

It’s great in theory, but some moments can get you off track…

Unless it’s lived within the purview of a planned future…

My son Nate says, “You have to consider your now in the context of your then“. He’s so smart…

The Bible continually encourages us to think about the days ahead, our eternity, and plan our life accordingly…

(Hebrews 12:1-2, Philippians 3:12-17, Romans 8:18)…

We are warned about the moments (Ecclesiastes 10:1)

Have fun in the moment…be timely….act quickly…

Don’t miss an opportunity…

Enjoy the ride….

But make sure your moment is properly grounded in your future…

At least the future you say you want to realize some day…

Do you understand the power of a moment…for good and for bad?

This Week in Chicago: Bible, Blizzard and Son

I’m in Chicago this week.  What a week to come to Moody Founder’s Week!  I’ve been numerous times before, but this is a unique week.

Each service is different than what I experience each Sunday now, serving in a more contemporary setting, but I love the Bible teaching and even the traditional worship.  This conference is especially appealing to me these days, because I have a son who attends Moody Bible College.  Nate is a sophomore here and studying to be a pastor.  I love attending the events this week with him.

This week is unusual also, because I’m getting to experience the blizzard of 2011.  It’s been an amazing day watching the city prepare, then watching the storm arrive.  Many restaurants are closed, people are stranded on the roads for hours, and the visibility is near zero.  I’ve never experienced a “whiteout” before now.  Sadly, even as I type this, there are people calling into news programs who are stuck on Lake Shore Drive. Schools are closed tomorrow for the first time since 1999.

I’m safe in a hotel, and I’ve stocked up on some food to get me through a while, but pray for this city.  It is snowing 2 to 3 inches per hour and supposed to snow throughout the night.  It’s lightening and thundering, which seems weird during a snowstorm. They are comparing this storm to the storm of 1967. They have said this storm could be one of the top 3 or 4 snow storms in all history for the Chicago area. Wow! I’m concerned for people, but the adventuresome side of me is glad I’m here.

Are you ready for Summer?  Do you have a snow/blizzard story to share?

Caption This: I’ll Give Away A Book

Congratulations to Dan Rutledge for winning Unfolding the Napkin.

Send me your address and I’ll send the book!

I recently wrote 5 places I get my best ideas. Read that post HERE. I didn’t share one of those…

I think while I’m drawing…

It happens every time…I get bored…I start doodling…I start to think. It stirs my creative process to draw. I’m not any good, there’s nothing really worth sharing, but I think better when I do my version of art.

How about you?

To encourage you in this area, today I’m offering a great book. It’s called Unfolding the Napkin and it’s about solving complex problems with pictures…the kind of pictures that will fit on the back of a napkin. I’ll give away one copy tomorrow (Monday).

To enter, all you have to do is:

  • Comment on this post with a title for my latest masterpiece pictured below
  • RT this post

I’ll choose a winner for this book tomorrow.

Happy artistic thinking!

A Parent’s Greatest Prayer

I love the story of Manoah and his wife. They had been unable to give birth until one day an angel of God brings them news of a child to be born. As Manoah’s wife came to him with the good news, Manoah immediately did what happens to many men and wome when they discover they are about to be parents…he prayed!

In that moment, realizing they were about to be blessed with one of life’s greatest blessings, Manoah prayed the most important prayer a parent can pray:

Then Manoah prayed to the LORD: “Pardon your servant, Lord. I beg you to let the man of God you sent to us come again to teach us how to bring up the boy who is to be born.” (Judges 13:8)

Parenting is hard work. All of us have seasons we could use more prayer for our children.

What are the current prayers you have for your children?  What specifically do they need the most?

What are you presntly praying about for your parenting skills?  What specifically do you need the most?

I always tried to focus my greatest prayers on the character of my children.   What character issues are your children needing to mature in these days? Try asking God to help you know how to parent your children to develop in these areas.

(BTW, if you are interested or need this, I have written two previous posts about dealing with childlessness. You can read those posts HERE and HERE.)

We Are Different, Diversity Week 3

We are all different. Yesterday I posted about whether a pastor could serve in political office…as expected…I got different opinions. (Read them HERE…and add your own.)

I’m learning to embrace diversity…not to run from it…

Throughout the year I’m going to ask some questions to see a difference of opinion. Here are this week’s questions:

Please comment on this post with your first and best answer out of the two choices…if you could only choose one:

  • Would you rather have sunshine or a rainy day?
  • Do you prefer indoors or outdoors?
  • Would you rather watch a sporting event or a go to the movies?
  • Are you closer to friends or family?
  • Do you see God more as a Father or as a Judge?

I would love your honest answers…the more the better the post.

You may want to copy and paste the questions in a comment and then add your answers.

Help me out with this post…


Friday Discussion: Can a Pastor Be a Politician?

Should a pastor be involved in politics?

or…another question…

Could a pastor be involved in politics?

I’ve often wondered this question…help me think through it today.

Let me explain a little of where this discussion is coming from today.

I’ve been involved in the political process all my life. When I was in elementary school I started following politics any way I could.  I watched presidential speeches, kept up with world, national and local politics, and couldn’t wait to vote.  I worked on my first campaign when I was 16 years old and continued through my twenties to volunteer on campaigns.  I spent a summer interning in Washington, DC for a congressman.

During my thirties I served as an elected official on our local city council and even served as the vice-mayor of our city.  The love of politics has never left me, but my life has changed.  I’ve been called into ministry.  I mostly remain neutral on issues of politics these days.  I still vote, but I’m a silent participant.

While I have no plans to run for anything and doubt that I ever would, the interest in political matters remains in my mind and sometimes I think about what it would be like to be in political office again.  Just to be clear, I’m not asking for permission for me to do anything…I’m just seeking opinions and sharing my story as an example to spur discussion.

I seriously want your thoughts. (I previously discussed this subject in a more general way concerning Christians and politics…read that discussion HERE.)

  • Would it be wrong for me to run for a political office some day?
  • Should pastors stay out of politics?
  • Should pastors be in politics more?
  • What are the advantages?  What are the disadvantages?
  • Could politics be a part of a Christian’s “calling”?

Help me….I’m seriously curious! Plus I love a good discussion…even a politics or religion discussion!

Add your thoughts now!