Bro. Laida: My Interview with a 92 Year Old Pastor, Part 4

Bro Laida

This is part four of my interview with Dr. John David Laida.

In this video, you’ll hear Dr. Laida address:

  • How he prepares for messages
  • Weaknesses in ministry
  • Dealing with controversy
  • 5 things pastors ought to do
  • The most important thing for a pastor to do.

Love The People from ron edmondson on Vimeo.

If you missed the first three segments, click HERE and HERE and HERE.

What did you find interesting in this segment? Have you enjoyed these so far?

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8 thoughts on “Bro. Laida: My Interview with a 92 Year Old Pastor, Part 4

  1. Of course, to 'love the people' in a genuine way. And I see, and know people, that truly love Brother Laida.

    All of his methods work together to move many to Chirst, but is does start with being genuine as he points out. Interesting that love would top his list. The world has changed so much since his first days in the ministry…love is one sure way to make it through and continue the battle for Jesus Christ.

    Yes, absolute great interview Ron!