2 Things We Don’t Talk About That Leaders Desperately Need

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This is a guest post by my friend Jonathan Pearson. Jonathan is the Orangeburg Campus Pastor at Cornerstone Community Church and Assistant Director of The Sticks Network. He is the co-creator of MillennialLeader.com, an online community for young leaders. His book Next Up releases today!

2 Things We Don’t Talk About That Leaders Desperately Need

One of the things we hear about everywhere right now is dieting and exercise. Turn on any info commercial or look at any magazine and you’re going to see a variety of different programs, products, and fads designed to get you “shredded” or “ripped” in just a few weeks or months.

If you’ve ever tried any of these brilliant, cure-all inventions, you’re probably like me and you’ve been left disappointed and slightly mad at yourself that you spent your hard earned money on that pill or that book or that program (again).

Several years ago a hot new weight loss pill came out that promised (at least in the commercial and the larger letters on the bottle) that it would help anyone who tried it to lose weight and look better without changing their diet or exercising. Being someone that’s always looking to try new things, I gave it a shot. Thirty days later, I gained 3 pounds because I had quit thinking any about what I was eating because I didn’t want to “change” anything.

I failed at that weight loss venture and people fail at fad diets and exercise routines because there is no short cut. Any thing worth having requires 2 things in order to get it…

Conviction and Consistency

I said it like this in my book, Next Up,

Consistency requires conviction. In order for us to do something consistently, we have to have a conviction that the end result is worth it.

The reason that many leaders fail to make the necessary changes in their lives and in their organizations isnt because they lack good ideas, but because they lack conviction and consistency. They lack the conviction that what they think needs to be done HAS to get done. Making changes in our lives and in our leadership requires that we are consistent with our actions and that consistency comes from a conviction from within.

Solid changes don’t happen from fad diets or the latest leadership book, they happen from people and leaders that are consistent in their actions and help bring about that change.

Leader, people are watching you to see if you have the conviction that the vision is worth the process. They’re watching to see if you’re consistent in your effort to make lasting change.

There’s no fad. We just have to do it the hard way. Little by little. Victory by victory.

Read more about topics like this in Jonathan’s book Next Up: 8 Shifts Great Young Leaders Make. To find out more about the book, go to nextupbook.com. To find out more about Jonathan go to JonP.me.

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