7 Things Forgiveness IS…(Repost)

(I’m on vacation this coming week, and so for the next couple weeks I’m posting again some of my most read posts, but also ones I think are actually helpful. These are my “favorite top posts”. Some posts had more hits, but they simply do well in the search engines. I’m actually proud of these. :) None of these were posted this year. All are older than that. Thanks for reading my blog. Feel free to share these on Twitter, and Google Plus to get them circulated. I won’t be doing much of that while I’m gone.)

I often wonder if the reason we don’t forgive as we should is because we don’t understand the subject well enough.

Yesterday I posted 7 Things that Forgiveness is NOT. It seems appropriate to also post 7 things that forgiveness IS.

Here are 7 things that forgiveness IS:

Letting go of a right to get even – You give up the right for revenge when you forgive someone.

Moving forward – Forgiveness is like saying, “It hurt. I didn’t like it, but I’m moving forward with my life in spite of the pain.”

Dropping resentment and grudge – Forgiveness releases the angst towards the person who did the injury.

A choice – Forgiveness isn’t easy, but it’s a conscious decision made by the injured party.

A step towards healing – Forgiveness releases a weight from the shoulders of the injured, opening the door for emotions to heal.

An opportunity to display grace – There is no greater picture of God’s forgiveness of us than for us to forgive one another.

The removal of a roadblock – Forgiveness removes the barrier between us and living at peace again with ourselves, others, and God.

I know these are difficult. I know some of the pain runs deep. I can’t describe it for you adequately, but I can tell you that forgiveness IS all it’s claims to be. If you truly want to be free of the hold the injury has on your heart, forgive the one who injured you.

What would you add to my list of 7 things forgiveness IS?

What is the most difficult situation you’ve had to forgive? Do you have a story that could encourage us?

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5 thoughts on “7 Things Forgiveness IS…(Repost)

  1. I always enjoy reading advice in this area. I am a friend of Gary Ezzo. I was in his first class at the Masters Seminary. the issue I have is a one time friend became quite belittling for my spiritual and political beliefs. I wound up just walking away from the friendship as it was destructive. He had repeated that he could never say he was sorry or apologize to anyone for anything regardless of how blatant he had been to anyone. He had been an enlisted army soldier. I had been an officer in the Marine Corps. We live two doors from each other. I am more than willing to forgive what others all have said was blatantly wrong on his part. However, I believe he should be able to ask forgiveness. I am open to all ideas.


    James Clark,

    Stuttgart Germany

    • I guess the only thing I would say is that you are only responsible for your reaction, not his. So as long as you are at peace with yourself and God all is well. I always find forgiveness frees me more than the other person.