7 Signs of Healthy Empowerment

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Empowering other people on the team to be leaders…delegation…is critical to a successful church or organization. Every leader talks about delegation, but few truly empower others to be leaders. It’s a frustration I hear frequently from staff members of churches.

Frankly, as one with a strength (StrengthFinders) of command, I can easily take over if no one else takes the lead. It takes discipline as a leader, but I want to create an environment of healthy empowerment. I want to lead a church that produces leaders.

But, how do you know whether healthy empowerment is occurring? I don’t know that we can follow a script, but perhaps there are some principles which need to be in place which can help insure we create cultures conducive to empowerment.

Here are 7 signs of healthy empowerment:

(Written from the perspective of those being empowered…”you” being the one empowering.)

Confidence is conveyed – They know you believe they can do the job.

Expectations are clearly communicated – They know what a win looks like in your eyes and what is required of them to complete the task.

Authority has been granted – They have the power to script the path to accomplishment.

Permission to fail is assured – They know if it doesn’t work they will be encouraged to try again.

Resources are adequate – They have the training, tools and people to accomplish the task.

Back is protected – They know their decisions will be backed by senior leadership…by you.

Recognition is shared – They know they won’t do all the work for someone else…you…to get the credit.

Consider your system of delegation. How are you doing?

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7 thoughts on “7 Signs of Healthy Empowerment

  1. I read lots of blogs but never related such kind of valuable information regarding to health. People are becoming conscious about health and these seven things are very helpful for everyone. I bookmark your blog and I will visit to your blog again.

  2. Permission to fail is a huge element. I even believe that as we leaders there are times when we allow others fail, even we see it coming. Of course we are their to help them recover and move forward. This helps them learn to overcome failure,and it also helps them no that we really do trust them.