10 Things I’ve Learned About Church Drama


I love the local church. I really do. I believe it is God’s design and His plan to reach the world with the Gospel…with life and hope.

But, I hate church drama.

I really do. I hate destructive drama in any setting, but especially in the church. It shouldn’t exist. It especially shouldn’t exist in the church. We have to violate a lot of principles of God’s plan for the church and for believers for it to exist at all, but, even still, it does.

Drama. Gossip. Back-stabbing. Politics. Jockeying for power. Rumors. It’s destructive and has no part in the local church. I’ve seen lots of it. And, along the way I’ve learned a few things.

Here are 10 things I’ve learned about church drama:

Not all rumors are true. Most aren’t.

People like to expand on what they know. Or think they know.

There are consequences to sin. Even though there is grace. Some confuse that.

Some people enjoy telling others “the good stuff”. With practice, some have even learned to make things bigger and “better” than they really are.

Gossip destroys.

There is usually more to the story than what you know. But it may or may not be what your mind stretches it to be.

Many people never consider the ramifications of what they are saying.

Some of the juiciest gossip is disguised as a prayer request.

Thumper’s mom was right.

The only reliable source is the direct source.

For those who have given up on church because of the drama…Please reconsider. I still believe in the local church. I think we need people who like me…hate the drama of church and just want to live out the Gospel. Don’t let the drama keep you away. Come be a part of ending it.

You may want to read my post 7 Ways to Stop Gossip and 5 Suggestions When Your Life is a Drama. Or, even better, read the Book of James…New Testament. Or maybe Ephesians. (Specifically note 4:29).

What have you learned about church drama?

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25 thoughts on “10 Things I’ve Learned About Church Drama

  1. Hey Ron, love your posts! I've been seeing a lot of church drama recently. What I've learned? "Blessed are the peacemakers" and there's always more to the story. I resolve to be a difference maker.

  2. I think of Paul the Apostle who said in 1 Corinthians 2:2.. For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.

  3. Was in ministry for almost 30 years. Retired. Only 10 per cent of ministers retire as a minister. You nailed why. People without Christ have an excuse. Love ministry…reaching the lost….outside the church.. Lost in the church will kill ya.

  4. So, this brings me to a dilemma. Many people send out "prayer requests" to their friends and family, asking for prayer for so-and-so and their situation. The requests are never opinion, or about sin in their lives, or anything like that, usually for healing, comfort, and so forth. The prayer group has seen some great miracles too, real turn arounds. Is this gossip? When do those "prayer requests" turn into gossip about others? Where do we cross the line between sharing for the sake of prayer and gossiping about others? Any ideas?

    In my mind, it becomes gossip when it strays from fact to motive, or from request to cause, and things like that but I'm open to wisdom on this. It's sort of an important thing to nail down I think, for both ends of the discussion.

    • I think intent here is the real issue. We can't make decisions for how others will respond. Sharing prayer requests is absolutely still permissible and a good idea…but we must guard our heart fro why we are sharing.

  5. The one thing I keep coming back to: The Church is made of people, just like the ones we see every day outside the Church. If we can ever figure out how to better deal with, even get rid of the drama IN the Church, we will be better equipped to effectively share the Gospel OUTSIDE the Church.
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