8 Words of Encouragement for the Young Ministry Leader

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Here are 8 words of encouragement for the young leader:

Become an early risk taker – It’s seems more difficult the older we get to take bold moves. I hope I keep doing so. I look at Moses and Abraham as examples, but I know the meaning of “comfort zone” now more than ever.

Don’t concentrate so much on the next level of achievement that you miss the lessons of today or never experience joy in the journey. God is doing something now. Today. Even as you wait for the next great thing.

Manage your time wisely. It passes quickly and you don’t want to regret too many missed opportunities. Grace is amazing, but there are moments in life that you only have access to once.

We need innovation in leadership. Take us places you see in your dreams, that God is calling you to, but we can’t seem to find our way there. It will be hard, there will be resistance, but that’s a value in youth and leadership.

Don’t allow the negative words to crowd out the positives. I blogged about that HERE. Concentrate more on what God is calling you to do than the naysayer’s personal agendas. You’ll struggle with this all your ministry, so the sooner you discipline yourself the better.

Live in the stored up praise. You’ll seldom know the good you are doing. Keep going even when the cheering crowds are silent. Find your affirmation in God and His truth spoken to you that caused you to surrender your life plans to Him.

Spend as much time on personal development as trying to develop others. Read THIS POST for an explanation, but basically you will need all the strength you can muster to lead well. Stand strong.

Never believe you’ve finally “arrived”. As soon as you do…you’re living in dangerousness territory. You will always need people to speak into your life. Be wise about whom you listen to, but always be teachable.

By the way, that wisdom is still just as true for my stage of life, but somehow I feel if we can catch leaders early they may avoid some of the mistakes I have made.

What words of wisdom do you have for the younger pastor or Christian leader?

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4 thoughts on “8 Words of Encouragement for the Young Ministry Leader

  1. As a young ministry leader I have found that it’s important to always have someone pouring into you, and you always pouring into another young leader.

  2. Seek out wisdom. What's true isn't new, and what's new isn't true when it comes to wisdom. There are new and fancy rewordings of time tested wisdom everyday.

    Have a solid priority list for your life. You aren't your job. My priority list is my relationship with God, my relationship with my wife, my relationship with my children, family and friends…then it's my job and role as a ministry leader. God has called me into ministry for sure. But, he could replace me there anytime and I often share in that role with others. However, I'm the only person he has called to be husband to my wife and daddy to my kids.