7 Issues that Distract a Leader from Success


I recently wrote 7 ideas which will help you attain more success. It seems a counter post is merited.

Here are 7 issues that will distract you from success as a leader:

Trying to plan every detail – Ecclesiastes says you won’t plant if you watch the wind. Risk is always necessary for meaningful success.

Lack of flexibility – Things change. Have a great vision, but realize the road to accomplish it may change many times along the way.

Shunning or controlling other people – You can’t do it alone. You don’t have the corner on ideas. You need help.

Holding on to a grudge or attempting to get even – The wasted energy of an unforgiving spirit slows you down from meaningful achievement.

Worrying more than you pray – The unknown brings doubt but faith goes without seeing. Take your pick. Only one answer allowed.

Being stingy with your time, money or influence – The more you try to control what you hold in your hand, the stingier your heart becomes. Stingy hearts are burdened by unnecessary distractions. (The one who loved money is never satisfied with his wealth. Ecclesiastes 5:10)

Having to do things “your way” – When you limit the input of others you rob the team of expanded imagination and you discourage potential leaders from rising.

What would you add?

Are one of these keeping you from accomplishing all you could?

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16 thoughts on “7 Issues that Distract a Leader from Success

  1. Certain issues that could distract us from success as a leader:

    ~ Stifling diversity at the cost of innovation
    ~ Failing to demonstrate integrity
    ~ Withholding information
    ~ Playing favorites
    ~ Always passing the buck

  2. I would add: Telling God what to do, directing HIM to follow me, in what I have chosen to do and in the way I feel comfortable doing it. Running off with my bright idea and presuming that God’s favor and power will follow me and catch up to where I am striving! Bad idea!!! Failure impending! Dead end ahead!! Because I always ended up having to do a U-Turn! Go ALL the way back to the crossroad where my dependence crossed over the pathway of His Obedience and start over again, this time running my race in followship of HIM and when I look back in the “heavenly hindsight” of my rear view mirror, I can see I get there faster and more successfully when I go HIS Way!

    Oh and trying to plan every detail… let’s not go there… still working on that… have not been able totally stop that stealer because I don’t like change, I wrestle with it… funny isn’t it… because the heart of the Gospel is CHANGE! OUCH!

    Twitter: kmac4him

  3. Great post, Ron! I'm personally working on being more flexible right now. Sometimes I do well, sometimes not. I find it amazing that we could all highlight a few areas on this list we need to work a lot on, yet the best way I improve is by getting honest feedback from my team and family. How have you seen improvement in any of these areas?