12 Challenges for the New Year

Challenge Defined

Here are 12 challenges for the new year:

Quit trying to be someone else – God made you to be you and He didn’t make a mistake.

Quit trying to carry all your burdens – God designed you (and me) to be insufficient without Him and to have a relational need for others.

Start embracing today – You can keep hoping your life away, but when you learn the secret of contentment today can become a great day, in spite of the challenges it holds.

Let the past go – As much as we can learn from history, we shouldn’t be bound by it.

Accept God’s grace – It’s always more than we deserve. You can’t earn it. It’s amazing grace. But, denying or refusing it ignores the beauty of it.

Live free of grudges and bitterness – The lack of forgiveness is a hidden destroyer of joy, peace and happiness.

Remember other people exist – Don’t be selfish or always command your way.

Admit mistakes readily – Sincere humility is an attractive quality.

Give generously – Giving opens the heart to contentment. And, there are many needs around us.

Protect your heart – “Above all else” the Bible says. Where your heart is there your treasure will be also.

Take a new risk – The adrenaline will fuel you for future success.

Think and act eternally whenever possible – It will build the most lasting rewards.

Would you add a challenge for a new year?

Which of the above do you most need to embrace?

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10 thoughts on “12 Challenges for the New Year

  1. When you're facing serious troubles and problems in life. You have recollect yourself, and calm down. You can't panic your way through it. Take a deep breath, relax, slow it down. Think things through calmly. Thanks.

  2. Some of my embracements from the above list:
    — Quit trying to carry all your burdens
    — Live free of grudges and bitterness
    — Protect your heart

    And, some of my add-ons :
    — Always enjoy the journey rather than the destination alone
    — Live a life of fruitfulness
    — Simplify (/de-clutter) things in life; Never complicate them
    — Smile a lot. (It is not to going to cost me anything)

  3. Great list! I especially like "Quit trying to be someone else" and "Remember other people exist".

    I would add "Keep growing – more intentionally than you've ever grown before."

    Twitter: Michaelenichols

  4. Learn and practice skills. God deserves my best. Even though I've been a speaker for years and have spoke to tens of thousands of people….I can get better at communicating. This is a skill I will be focusing on in a very intentional way for 2013.
    Twitter: ericdingler