Encouragement: A Baker’s Dozen (Repost)


(Counting down the most read posts of the year.)

Here’s a random post that came to me this morning. I was thinking about some of the things that encourage me in life.

Things such as:

  • A remembrance of God’s love
  • Cheryl’s smile and knowing she is happy
  • Time with my boys
  • A baby’s giggle
  • A Bible verse of promise
  • A big, God-sized dream or vision
  • A person who looks for solutions more than a reason to complain
  • A special memory
  • A thank you email
  • A sense of accomplishment
  • An answered prayer…and many times an unanswered prayer
  • The awareness of God’s presence…especially on cloudy days
  • The wonder, faith and imagination of a child

What would you add to this list? What encourages you?

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8 thoughts on “Encouragement: A Baker’s Dozen (Repost)

  1. a baby and all the possibilities and love represented
    hugs, unconditionally
    complements from my children
    an opportunity God places in my path that I can respond to unknown to others and no way for them to repay
    my grandson telling me he has missed me and lays his head on my body and holds on. . .
    the laughter and chatter of my family members
    beautiful pictures of nature and music that leaves you with a good message

  2. A random compliment from someone. Especially if it is for something I consider to have been a "small" thing!
    A great source of encouragement for me, is when I come home from a long, hard day at work and my dog greets me like he hasn't seen me in 6 months! Brightens my day every time!
    Twitter: bryankr

  3. Ron, Among the things that encourage me are…
    * The wonder of a Sunrise or Sunset
    * My joyful Labrador Retriever
    * A song like "Amazing Grace" or "You Raise Me Up"

      • I think dogs will have a special place in Heaven. I have 2 Labrador Retrievers and they have brought my wife and I joy, encouragement, and friendship. Like the magnet on the fridge, I hope to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am.

        • I think you're right! Dogs are one of the few creatures God made that is actually obedient to what they were created for. If we, who are disobedient, have a place, why not them?
          Twitter: bryankr