The Unwritten Rules

Are the real rules

In an organization, what is passed down, maintained over the years, repeated the most, become a part of tradition…that’s what is real.

That’s the DNA

They may have never been written down, voted on or “put in the minutes”, but they are assumed true by the majority.

Those are the rules people will defend and protect the most.

They’ll fight to keep them from being changed or bended.

If you are a new leader or a veteran, understanding this principle will increase your effectiveness.

Trust me in this.

Have you ever learned the principle the hard way?

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5 thoughts on “The Unwritten Rules

  1. Agreed Ron! It is important we keep our eyes and ears open at all times and learn these unwritten rules at the earliest when we join an organization. We need to remember that the employees are human beings and not machines. Hence, there will be always unwritten rules.

  2. Yes! I've learned that one the hard way…Great insight, Ron. What are some questions/avenues you've found helpful in unearthing the unwritten rules in a church or organization?

    • I always ask people with longer history in the church than me…people I trust. I often pull together a cross representation of people and throw out scenarios, ideas, etc and see what the temperature is. The best way though is simply by observation and by trial and error. Realizing it and adjusting accordingly is key.
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