Introducing Urbana (And giveaway!)

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Now giving away 3 registrations!

Pastor, let me encourage you to get your leadership team…or yourself…to Urbana!

I recently attended a global church mission forum. I’m still processing all God did in my mind from that event and will share more later. The same people who introduced me to that event let me know about Urbana. It’s got to be good. If you want a better orientation to what God is doing in the world then you should attend the Urbana conference.

Urbana puts you in touch with today’s culture like no other conference can. It helps you know what is driving the concerns of a new generation. As a pastor, I am called to effectively disciple all ages. Urbana will give great insight and new resources to deal with the younger generation, especially those in college today.

It is guaranteed to be a fun event, because, as I’ve experienced at other events, there is something special about worshiping with the nearly 20,000 young people. In addition, you’ll walk away with needed information for your ministry.

Sign up for Urbana today! (Click HERE)


As a bonus, I’ll give away three (3) registrations to Urbana. That’s an incredible deal. Please don’t sign up unless you will attend, but if you’re interested, comment on this post, make sure I have a valid email address, and I’ll choose 3 random names sometime early next week.

(This is a non-paid endorsement. I simply believe in the people behind this.)

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58 thoughts on “Introducing Urbana (And giveaway!)

  1. i heard this place was awesome, my roommate said if i had the opprortunity to go here then i should go because the lord would bless me "Spiritually" He said its a good opportunity to learn and group,So i really feel in my heard the Lord want me to go to this Conference 🙂

  2. First Urbana experience! My team really needs financial help to be able to go, and any amount of help that we could get would be a huge blessing. Thank you so much for even thinking of doing this, and I know that God will do wonders through our generations at Urbana!

  3. Whoa! This is very generous of you! I'm really excited for Urbana, and whatever God has in store for me there. I can't wait to be surrounded by thousands of people my age who are so in love with God. My email is

  4. My InterVarsity friends attended Urbana each time and always came away with fresh vision and equipping for ministry. It's been a goal of mine to someday attend. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

  5. Urbana 12 is offering a special track for Pastors and Church Leaders with speakers and Bible Study particularly aimed at the context of a church leader. Once you've registered you can sign up for the track by going to your PUP (Personal Urbana Page) and looking in the bottom right hand corner for "Register for a Track". You can choose either the residential option (living in the track hotel and attending a Bible Study with other church leaders) or the non-residential option (living with others from your church and attending the track seminars in the afternoon).
    Donna Wilson, Urbana 12 Pastors and Church Leaders Track Director

  6. Wow thank you so much for this opportunity!:) you will definitely be someone's answer to their prayers! So excited to see what Urbana has in store for us! Once again thank you so much for this opportunity!:)

  7. Wow what an amazing ministry Urbana is! My sisters both have gone and now God has opened an opportunity to go!! Praise the Lord;)!!
    Twitter: Nomersmind

  8. I’ve already registered, but am commenting with the hopes of getting a possible scholarship? I don’t care for how much money, I’m just trying to go and am raising money 🙂 It’s so amazing that you’re doing this!

  9. This will be my first Urbana experience, and I'm looking forward to see how God wants to work in me and everyone who will be in attendance!

  10. Amazing opportunity!! Praying this registration giveaway goes to ones who truely have a heart after GOD!! May the blessed ones win!! 🙂

  11. Everyone in my Intervarsity Christian group keeps telling me that it’s such a great experience,and I can’t wait to go~ This really is a great opportunity and even if I don’t get it, I’m sure whoever will get it will be truly blessed. Thanks so much!