The Greatest Obstacles to My Faith

Faith develops. Faith grows.

I understand that. None of us have “perfect” faith.

Yet, without faith, it’s impossible to please God. (The Bible says so.)

If I want to please God, which I do, then I have to be a man of mature faith.

There are many times though, if I’m being honest, where my life is defined more by my lack of faith than the strength of my faith.

Just being honest.

It seems to me there are certain things that get in the way of my faith.

The greatest obstacles to my faith:

My self doubt and tendency to worry rather than pray (Ouch…that one hurts!)

My inability to forgive others (Yea, that blocks pure faith)

My lack of closeness to God when I neglect our relationship (That hurts to admit too…being honest again)

My lack of knowledge…or reflection…of who God is (The more I know him, the more faith I tend to have)

My inconsistency in spiritual disciplines (If I’m faithful to them…My faith is strong)

That’s my story.

Do any of those ring true for you?

Any you would add?

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15 thoughts on “The Greatest Obstacles to My Faith

  1. ALL of them ring true. I would add neglect of true fellowship (with God & with the body of Christ) as an obstacle to my faith.
    Twitter: KariScare

  2. Ouch — what a slap in the face! And, of course, “thanks, I needed that.” I’m not sure I can call this an obsticle, just a self-limitation: It’s easy to have faith in what God is capable of doing, but nowhere near as easy to have faith in what God will actually do. I believe He *can* heal my blind friend, but I have zero expectation He will. So, does that mean my faith is weak?

  3. I understand that without faith it is impossible to please God. And understanding that faith grows, I wonder if maybe we've missed the point a bit. Without saving faith it is of course impossible to please God. But then, after salvation comes sanctification. Wherein we go from faith to faith, if we're growing. We can grow from little faith to great faith. That growth is accomplished in relationship.

    So, the reason I say that maybe we've missed the point, is that "pleasing God" is not an act or action that we can perform, a posture we can hold or a deed we can do. Therefore, we must rest in the covenant of his blood and live our lives in "Eucharisto" giving thanks for His completed work in us through Christ. The sanctification process, then, is one where we reveal more of the completed work within ourselves through relationship.

    The faith that pleases Him comes from Him to us which we reflect in increasing measure toward Him and our world as we stop "trying" to please God but instead rest in Christ's finished work and relate to God as sons and heirs instead of the beggars we were. I hope this clarifies and does not confuse.

  4. Thanks for this…
    They all ring true and mostly that I need to know God more. I need to need HIM most and more than I need me, others and this world.
    I would add:
    My focus. My focus, I call my followship meter. What – Who Am I Pursuing Most Today? Is my heart undivided in focus of Jesus and His Kingdom? Psalm 86:11? Am I living life out of an “earthly perspective” or a “kingdom perspective” in my thoughts, motives, words, deeds?

    Twitter: kmac4him