Sometimes, as a leader, I need reminding…

I am a runner. I run as many as 6 days a week. When I run I am serious about it. I watch the time. I pace myself. I measure my distance. I check my calories burned. I do it for exercise. I run for personal well-being.

It isn’t always easy. Sometimes I spend time thinking about the Gatorade waiting for me when I get home. I think about how much my legs hurt. I think about how ready I am to be home.

Then all of a sudden…sometimes I will stop and think..

“I chose this!”

I chose this as my form of exercise. I could be in the gym. I could be on the couch. Running is my time. Running is what I choose to do for me.

It’s actually supposed to be fun!

By the way…

It’s that way in leadership too sometimes.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in the stress of leadership that we forget.

I chose to be a leader. I wasn’t forced into this position. (Sure, God “called” me into ministry, but I said “Yes, Lord”. I surrendered willingly.) No one made me be a leader. I wanted this, I wanted the opportunity to make a difference. I had a dream. I had a God-given vision.

Sometimes I need to remind myself…

I wanted this! And, I’m thankful for the opportunity.

Do you need reminding you chose to accept the position of leadership?

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6 thoughts on “Sometimes, as a leader, I need reminding…

  1. A moment of Tears. I was Pastoring a Church had been there almost 10 yyears., My wife decided to commit adultery. She left me and emptied my bank accounts. I had to hire and lawyer and pay an unreal fee to get some income back. About a month ago the church I was pastoring decided to force me to resign. I had no job and no place to live. By Gods grace I have a job not a well paying job but a job and I found a little house to rent. This has been the toughest year of my life. I have never been as emotional in my life as I have been this year. Been crying and still crying. Hard to adjust and I am a Marine and a Firefighter.
    Thanks Mike Weaver
    Please pray I know thats all anyone can do

  2. Ron! It's a paradox which each and every one of us encounter at some point of our lives. The key to overcome this deficiency — by reminding ourselves of our purpose and calling in our lives at regular intervals.

  3. It is easy to allow yourself to become overwhelmed with the reality of what was once a dream! In our minds, the dream is perfect. All the benefits without the daily grind and heavy doses of responsibility they bring.

    As a dad, I remind myself of this all the time. Raising my boys can be hard at times and just simply mind-numbingly dull at others. But I remind myself that not only did I choose this, but if it were taken from me I would spend the rest of my life wishing I could play just one more time with trains and toddlers.

    Sometimes, maybe not every time, that little reminder helps me to re-engage fully with leading my family again in passion…even while bored and overwhelmed.

    And that gets translated to every other area in my life where I lead.