No Excuses…No Fear: T-Shirt Giveaway

A student at Covenant Seminary contacted me recently. He’s helping launch a new t-shirt company called WhoopTee. I love seminary students, since I once was one and have a son who will soon be one, so I decided to help.

We are giving away 10 custom shirts with the design as shown.

No excuses…No fear

There’s a story behind it. Recently our student ministry began discussing how they could share the Gospel with fellow classmates. Admittedly, the number one obstacle was fear. As a reminder of faith, the group designed bracelets for the students to wear, matching the t-shirts I’m giving away here.

I liked the idea so much, in a recent sermon series on fear, we introduced the bracelets to the entire church. Now you can win a t-shirt like our bracelets.

So here’s the deal:

  • Share this post via Twitter or Facebook.
  • Comment on this post with your greatest fear.
  • Make sure you register a valid email address.

I’ll choose 10 random winners to win a t-shirt.

In the meantime:

No excuses…No fear

By the way, if you need T-shirts for your organization, consider WhoopTee. If fear is your issue, here are previous posts I’ve written on the subject:

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A Devotional Encouragement for Overcoming Fear

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36 thoughts on “No Excuses…No Fear: T-Shirt Giveaway

  1. Hey buddy, thanks for this information. I did not know much more about downtown clothing store but the allocation you did here makes me knowable about this issue. Thanks dude.

  2. Hey Ron Edmondson!!!! I am really pleased to read out your informational blog regarding the T-Shirt Giveaway. I must appreciate to your work process. Thanks for brilliant workout and keep it up 😆

  3. My greatest fear is to live an ordinary life. I want to be able to fullfil my dreams and teach my children the same.

  4. Fear is something that is driven by our excuses in life, which are created by sin. If we truly lay down our worldly way of living and focus solely on God and what He is doing in our lives, then the excuses will disappear and so will the fear in living for the Lord. My greatest fear is rejection by anyone, but I have learned that if I focus on God instead of the people around me God can pour into me, which in turn the light of Christ is spread!

  5. My greatest fear is that of failure. As a husband, father, and most of all as a christian. I realize it is a tactic used by Satan to destroy me, but sometimes it feels so real. Love the saying, love the shirt.

  6. Probably my greatest fear is to wake up some Sunday and realize I’ve slept through church (where I’m the preacher!)
    Twitter: PastorDayton

  7. As the mother of 2 grown children, I fear the death of either of them before my own. I agree with comments by A. Penn, B. White and J. Tanner . Thank you for give away offer. God bless your family/ministry.

  8. My greatest "fear" is letting down my two adult daughters. Even though they are gone and grown, I still consider their response in a lot of what I do. I also "fear" burning car wrecks or tornadoes.

  9. My greatest fear is rejection, which in my head makes NO sense even to me because I know that "All I know is I'm not home yet. This is not where I belong."

  10. My greatest fear is that my actions or words at times will cause my 6 children to reject the faith in Christ that I claim to hold so dear!

  11. My greatest fear is missing God's heart in ministry. In Arabic, activity is "haraka", and blessing is "baraka". I had a Muslim friend say to me one time, "You Christians are all about "haraka", but we Muslims know it's all about "baraka". I've thought about that often in the years since….and pray I'm not lost in the doing and missing the "better part".