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6 thoughts on “The Marriage Sermon

  1. Am I wrong for complaining that I want my husband to spend more time with me and our kids on his days off? He leaves out of town for work 3-4 days out of every week comes home and just wants to be at the shop working on his motorcycle or old truck or wants to just be out and about talking to his buddies. A year ago he had an affair with the secretary where he worked and got fired for it. I was also 4 months pregnant when I found out. So maybe I also have trust issues. But he responds to horribly saying that all I do is whine and b**** at him for wanting to be out of the house… He makes me feel bad that he works a lot and should be able to do whatever….

    • I try not to speak to specific situations online. But, it’s not wrong to expect a husband and dad to spend time with the family.
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  2. What do you say to a wife that has been batter abused tormented and very disrespected? Forced to leave the only “home” she had no money no transportation no family forced to stop working because she liked her job. I was forced to leave because he got a real job. Only the second job he has in seven years. I left many times. He always fond me. This time it was his ideal that I go.