7 Statements Every Leader Needs To Use Often

Recently, I shared 7 questions every leader should use often. It opened some good discussion around the post. It also made me think there was a similar set of 7 phrases leaders should consider using frequently. These are not questions, but statements.

One of the goals of a leader should be to encourage, strengthen and challenge a team to continually improve. Almost as a cheerleader rousing the crowd at a game, the leader uses his or her influence to bring out the best in others.

How do leaders do that? One way is by the questions and statements we make as leaders. This post is an extension of that thought.

Here are 7 phrases leaders should memorize and use often:

I believe in you.

You are an asset to this team.

Let me know how I can help you.

You are doing a great job.

I need your help.

I want to help you reach your personal goals.

You are making a difference here.

You may not be able to use these phrases every day. You shouldn’t overuse them. They need to be genuine, heartfelt and honest. That may not even happen every week. But, as often as you can, slip a few of these into your memory bank and pull them out where appropriate. It will help you build a better team.

What phrases would you add?

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11 thoughts on “7 Statements Every Leader Needs To Use Often

  1. Ron, A few key words and phrases that I have made part of my leadership vocabulary are: "Could you please do me a favor?" and, "I value you and your ideas". As well, I use "we" and "us" much more that "I" and "you"!

  2. You know my two favorites add ons…please and thank you

    Please…. let me know if I can help you (or fill in blanks with whatever it might be).

    Thank you…. for your contribution (or fill in blanks with whatever it might be).

  3. Ron, I want to see people stretch beyond what they even see possible for themselves. For this reason, I would add this statement (or something similar) to the seven above…

    I see huge potential in you.

    As you said in closing, this needs to be an honest assessment, not fluff. If you look around and do not see this kind of potential in those around you then you need to do one of two things…leave the zoo and go back to work OR start looking closer. God has made us all with huge potential for something. We just need to find it!