Dodging Geese Poop in Life and Leadership

(This is the kind of post I only do when my wife is in another city. I’ll explain why in a minute.)

We were on vacation not long ago. I got to run in some incredible cities. I ran in Minneapolis, Fargo, ND, Sioux Falls, SD and Mason City, Iowa.

One word for everyday’s run. Glorious.

I worshipped. I talked to God. I dreamed. It was awesome. Loved it.

I came to this realization though:

The best places to run all have some common characteristics.

It was true on vacation last week in the cities I mentioned. It is true of my two favorite running cities of all time…Philadelphia and Chicago.

You see, the best cities in which to run, in my opinion, have these attributes in common:

A river (Insert lake or ocean where appropriate…as in the case of Chicago)

A path beside the river

The peace and tranquility of running on the path beside the river

The chance to connect with nature and God along the river

But, here’s the other thing I learned…and the point of this post.

The best places to run require dodging geese poop.

(There. I said it. That’s the part my wife wouldn’t have wanted me to say. She wouldn’t think a nice blog like this, written by a mostly nice pastor like me, about leadership and life, should use an analogy…or a word…like in this post.)

But, it is true. I and I think you need to know…if you want to run in the best cities…

You’ve got to dodge the geese poop. No one scoops and bags for geese.

And, right about now, you’re wondering why you’re even still reading this post. I understand.

Well, it’s because…as I was dodging the geese poop, it occurred to me.

The same principle is true in life and leadership.

You can settle for mediocre.

You can choose to go for second best.

You can compromise before the right decision is made.

But, if you want to experience the best life has to offer.

If you want to settle for nothing but the right decision.

You have to dodge the geese poop of life.

The path to the best places in life are often lined with difficulties along the way.

It’s messy, filled with setbacks, conflict and obstacles. There will be times we are tempted to give up, choose an easier route, or quit before the end is in sight.

It’s a choice. You can “run” where you want to run, stay on the boring and safe treadmill of life if you want, but, as for me, no doubt about it, whenever I get the chance, I’m choosing to run by the river.

I’ll just watch out for and endure the geese poop. I know it’s a part of the path.

Are you on one of those “river” paths of life right now?

Don’t give up…the Glorious part is coming!

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21 thoughts on “Dodging Geese Poop in Life and Leadership

  1. good read Ron! We live in what we believe to be God's paradise up here in the mountains….and I love to walk through the forest to my favorite thinking spot…and I have to watch out for the deep poop! (I can say that because my wife is upstairs) 🙂 God bless!

  2. Yep! Being a runner, I can relate. Yep, being alive – I can still relate. Yep, being a person that finds myself in leadership rolls (duh, that's why I read your blog!) – I can relate!

    Funny that I read this right after I was listening to the news about the stranded cruise ship. Quote from a passenger: "Every deck became the 'poop deck'." I'm sure there are several analogies on that quote!

  3. Coming from a late 40 something woman I bet your wife liked it too.
    I run often around a hilly lake, many geese. I often talk to the animals and I remind the geese their job is to honk their horns. The birds sing to the Creator and King who knows and loves them. Sometimes I talk to people too! Perspective; geese poop means geese somewhere. A good jazz band (running is like jazz to me) involves horns. I have a long run tomorrow. Sure I will think of this post. And give thanks.
    On our race of life, noticing life is key! Excrement and all.
    Praying for your transition.

    Twitter: eccle0412

  4. I have to agree, the path I most want is full of "poop"! I also have to say, there are times when I wonder if there is ever going to be a time when I will ever find a path that has what I would like to have on this path, but NO POOP!? The answer is simple: No. I get tire of it. I do enjoy the challenge! Never the same thing twice; always having to be in God's presence, because I can't do this on my own. Paul's thorn in the side? Makes me mindful of just whose Ministry this really is.

  5. Thanks for this post today…I have been really frustrated with a lot of our ministry direction..and there's a lot of crap stinking up the way to progress or forward movement. The analogy was great, gave me a chuckle, and helped me to believe that the goal is worth stepping in the poop sometimes.

  6. Agreed! SO very TRUE! We live by a creek and there are many new geese and ducks…just the other day I pondered how strange it was to maneuver around their mess…but I chose the path because it is so beautiful! Geese mess and all!

  7. Haha… We have plenty of places like that in our city. Being close to the water is amazing but the geese poop can be hazardous!

    Going through life though it seems rather than dodging the geese poop on the ground Satan is tossing it at us from every angle. Requiring us to dodge, bob, and weave.

  8. I absolutely run a river path, dodging the poop…but choosing to look at God's beauty and blessings along the way….and yes, occasionally I step in a fresh dropping!