Bro. Laida: My Interview with a 92 Year Old Pastor, Part 2

This is part two of my interview with Dr. John David Laida…or as I call him…Brother Laida. He has “supposedly” retired once, but never quit working. He’s still serving a church full-time today.

In this segment, Dr. Laida addresses:

  • Where he learned to lead a church
  • Delegation
  • How he handles church conflict

What do you think of Bro. Laida’s answers so far?

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7 thoughts on “Bro. Laida: My Interview with a 92 Year Old Pastor, Part 2

  1. He comes across as such a gentle man…makes me *want* to listen to him. You were wise to recognize the richness of what he was saying and pass it along. Thanks!

  2. Delegating and peacemaker….interesting that those 2 suggestions take away from the "me" idea of things. His method of leadership was not about Brother Laida, but about working as a team.

    Dead-end disagreements(lack of peaceful solutions) and disorganization (often taking too much on for oneself) of tasks don't get it done for the Glory of God. It seems like Brother Laida realized both of those early on and choosing solutions that reflected in his leadership.