Playing it Safe…Not My Style

I’m 48 years old. I’m just old enough to have wisdom about a few things I should and shouldn’t do, but not yet old enough to always follow my own wisdom. Recently I observed a characteristic in me that I hope is not permanent.

We recently moved to a downtown condo. I wrote about why we did that HERE. The condo sits on a hill, overlooking the river district of our community. We love the view, but it presents a problem on windy days. We have to weatherize our front porch every time we suspect a storm, turning over the furniture and making sure everything is secure.

On one recent night, Cheryl heard the wind picking up and asked if we should prepare the porch. That really meant I should get up and prepare the porch, but I love the gentle way she “suggests” such things. :) Getting up at 1:30 AM to step onto my front porch in my boxers has never been my idea of fun, but I do like a happy wife, so I headed out to do my job. When I got back into bed she thanked me to which I replied:

“Better safe than sorry.”

Instantly the thought occurred to me. I would have never used that phrase a few years ago. “Better safe than sorry” has never appealed to me before. Sounds like something my mother would have said to me. I like risk-taking. I embrace change. I run to things others say can’t be done or aren’t willing to try. I’ve made a commitment to walk by faith.

I’m scared of “better safe than sorry”. What happened to me? Am I that old? :)

Here’s my plan to counter my recent tendency to lean to the comfortable side of life:

I own a couple Groupons for skydiving. My oldest son and I have wanted to do this for several years. It’s a risk worth taking I think, especially in light of my recent playing it safe tendency.

I think very soon I’ll go jump out of a “perfectly good plane”.

I must. I can’t stand the thought of resting on the safe side.

What’s the purpose of this post?
Well, if God is calling you to something bigger than your ability to understand…

Don’t play it safe! Play it by faith!

Be honest: Are you more likely to prefer a risk or the safe side?

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22 thoughts on “Playing it Safe…Not My Style

  1. Love this Brother! This is exactly why my wife and I purchased Long boards! We are also selling our Home of 20 years to move full time into ministry helping small rural churches with Pastoral care and felt needs. You can follow us on “the Bascom Chronicles" . OH and you will love diving, I am going to do it this year as I have been hang gliding and its a wonderful experience! God Bless.

  2. It is like you are reading my mind. Not to go jump out of a perfectly good airplane, that is never a good idea for me. I have been feeling the desire to be more risky in things God is working out in my life. It is kind of funny that I make the decision last night, and have had 3 opportunities today to practice it.

  3. Until I read your post, I did not consider myself much of a risk-taker. We adopted a 9-year-old boy two years ago, and I now see how that was a huge risk. We couldn't imagine our family without him now, but boy was it hard, especially at first. I need to get away from thinking that only things like bugee jumping and skydiving are taking risks when there are other life events that take more time and more commitment and maybe are even bigger risks than those.
    Twitter: KariScare

  4. I have adopted 2 foster kids, sold everything, left a lucrative life to move a family of 6 to West Africa for 6 years. I am a risk taker but am careful about being sure it is in God's plan for me not my wild, bold whim. Currently training for a marathon. Much fear! enCOURAGE = only required when living risky. Be encouraged and be a good steward of your veranda furniture too.
    Twitter: eccle0412

  5. Isn't it funny how we can play it safe in some areas of our lives but go for it in others. I personally can get on a dirt bike and twist the throttle without much thought about it or I will take my Jeep in the mud or over trails that maybe I shouldn't. Then there are times that I think after the fact that I wished I would have been that bold to talk Christ or Pray with someone, or just be there for them.

    Thanks for writting this and making me think more about being fearless in those situations.
    Twitter: Ron_Lane

  6. I definitely tend to play it safe and not take risks. Who am I kidding? I almost always play it safe instead of taking risks. I'm missing out on life. I don't know how I'm going to change or what I will do differently, but this is definitely something God is pushing me toward. He wants me to live more by faith. This is scary!
    Twitter: KariScare

  7. I am the total opposite of you. I heard Christine Caine talk about risk, though, and it's helped me embrace the idea of risk. My favorite quote during her talk was, "The purpose of life IS NOT to arrive at death safely." I need to learn to be more of a risk-taker.

    However, with that being said, I don't think I would be jumping out of a plane any time soon. =)

    • My wife is opposite of me too, but yet, she's usually quicker to walk by faith than I am when she knows God is calling us to do something.

  8. This was such an excellent post, expressing a great thought. It made me realize that when God calls us to something, it most likely will mean going beyond our ability to understand. He is pushing out where we cannot play it safe. He desires for us to live by faith & not by our understanding, not by our abilities. I guess that means that we are always living out the hard thing. But then….that hard thing is the most exciting thing to do as it is where our God displays Himself & our faith grows exponentially. Thank you so much for sharing this & causing me to reflect on this today. Blessings!
    PS – Enjoy the jump!!!

  9. I was very shy as a child, never really took ny risks. The more I grow in Christ, the more I am willing to reach out, willing to risk. I don't see me as having anything now, I gave what I had to Him, so I don't have anything to lose! What risk!? Reach!! I like salvation.

  10. That's never really been my style either. I think as leaders once we start playing it safe, then we miss a lot of opportunities God would have otherwise presented us with. Them, worst of all, those are are called to lead fail to experience those opportunities as well. Great reminder.