When God Tries to Speak to You

So Eli told Samuel, “Go and lie down, and if He calls you, say, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.” So Samuel went and lay down in his place. 1 Samuel 3:9 NIV

Has God been trying to get your attention lately? Is God trying to tell you something? Are you having a hard time hearing?

Samuel was in training to be a prophet. He was set apart from birth to be God’s anointed one. God had something to tell Samuel, but Samuel couldn’t yet recognize the voice of God. Eli told Samuel to lie down and simply say, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.”

You and I live in an often crowded and busy world. There are lots of “voices”. I can’t remember the last time I had a day with nothing to do. My home is quieter than it once was when two boys kept the hallway filled with the sounds of football, basketball, and any other sport that Mom will let them get away with in the house, but there’s still plenty of noise and activity.

Often, I find myself surrounded by the “stuff” of life. The idea of hearing from God in the midst of all this clutter seems nearly impossible. Yet, I know that my very existence hangs on my God relationship. I need a word from my Father!

How about you? Perhaps you too would love to hear from God, but your life is too thick for His word to filter through.

Why don’t we heed the advice of Eli?

First, he told Samuel got still. He laid down, in the stillness of the night and waited for God to speak.

Second, Samuel listened expectantly. He knew he was waiting, and he knew who he was waiting for. He wasn’t surprised when God spoke, because he was anxiously awaiting His voice.

Third, and perhaps most important, Samuel obeyed God’s word. It is one thing to hear from God, and quite another to do something about it. When God speaks to you, that is a monumental event! It is important to obey. I often wonder if God speaks most to those He knows will do as He asks.

God may be trying to speak to you at this point in your life. Are you in a position to hear?

Stop, wait, listen…and obey the word of God today!

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21 thoughts on “When God Tries to Speak to You

  1. I'm sorry. But this doesn't make any sense to apply it me today.
    Samuel was a kid.
    Eli was the older mentor.
    Samuel thought Eli was speaking to him from the other room.
    Eli figured out it was God wanting to audibly talk to Eli.
    This historical event is not a "how to hear from God" text.
    Just like Jonah is not a "how to live inside a whale" text.

    So are you saying somehow that if I lay still and tell God "here I am, ready to listen," God will audibly speak to me?
    I'm not sure that is the application that can be drawn from this historical text.

  2. This is exactly where I am right now. Thanks for sharing. My wife and I feel called to a place, just need to trust God to put the road in front of us. Great words! Encouraging.

  3. Another great post (and how many is that?)….thank you. Our world is too cluttered. It has to be our choice to listen for His guidance. I choose today to quiet my mind…

    Enjoyed the service at Kenwood. GREAT message, but my index card turned into a grocery list on one side! How ironic that one side is the "be still" side and the flip side the busy side….I will choose to keep the word listing side up….the above post is timely.

    Have a great day Ron and family. Thank you.