10 Words of Hope When the Dream is Dying

Have you lost your way?

Have you given up on the dream?

Would you like to begin again?

I believe that hope is ultimately found in person of Jesus Christ, but sometimes our attitude towards receiving that hope determines our reality of living it. Perhaps you need a change of attitude.

Here are 10 words of hope to help you get back in the game:

Recharge – Recharge your drained batteries. Read a good book, hang out with someone positive, or attend a conference.

Rest – Struggles drain us personally. Sometimes we can’t continue until we have an extended period of downtime.

Reward – Reward yourself for small achievements. You may just need one win to spur you to greater things.

Re-energize – As strange as it sounds, I find exercising to be helpful when I need more energy.

Resist – Push through the pain and resist the temptation to quit.

Renew – Renew your passion for the vision you once believed in.

Restart – Invite some change, begin something new or try a different approach.

Reclaim – You had a dream. You believed in it. It had potential. Perhaps you simply need to reclaim what you already had.

Rejoice – Sometimes you need to throw a party…even before you realize the victory. A celebration may give you the motivation to try again.

Remind – People follow the leader. Remind them of their role in achieving the dream. Lead through the drought on to new victories.

Got any others?

Here’s the action plan. Pick the one that you feel you need the most, write it on an index card, then place it somewhere you’ll see often.

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20 thoughts on “10 Words of Hope When the Dream is Dying

  1. Ron – You "R" right on target! Just blogged about the need to dream January 4 under "Developing the Leader Within: The Core" — I am sending these along to my network. At our core we must be dreamers, and these are solid ways to focus – thanks

  2. How about "Redo"? Sometimes, we just need to pick ourselves up and do it again. I'm so thankful that God gives redo's!

    The ones I am picking to work on are "rest" and "resist." In my physical pain, I want to give up and do nothing. But, as I rest physically, this can be a time of tremendous spiritual recharging (another I guess I need to work on). I'm refusing (resisting the urge) to give up and quit.

    Great post!
    Twitter: KariScare

  3. Great tips Ron! Thanks for sharing these, I'll keep them around. I'm intrigued because as I read these they seem like words of advice rather than hope. I'd call it 10 Tips, words of advice, or steps to help you get your hope back or to help you get back in the game. Maybe that's a feeler vs. thinker difference in perception? (I'm an INFJ).

  4. Remember. Remember what God has already done in your life.

    I was just reading old journal entries from about 9 years ago. I read one entry about how lonely I was and how I thought I'd never find a wife (I guess I was a melodramatic 22 year old). Funny thing is there's a journal entry about a month later where I'm all excited after the first date with the woman I would go on to marry.
    It reminded me about how it may seem so dark outside but God is at work.