5 Things Every Leader Needs to Hear

Sure I’m a leader. So this may appear to be a self-serving post. I understand the risk. The fact that I am a leader, however, gives me a certain credibility in speaking on behalf of leaders.

There are certain things that every leader needs to hear that fuel his or her passion for leading. This is true regardless of whether or not the leader is considered a “good” leader. In fact, sometimes a mildly successful leader can transform into a superior leader simply by receiving these words of encouragement.

Here are 5 things every leader needs to hear:

Good job – In spite of a passion for the vision; even if the leader is a thick-skinned, high confidence person, every leader needs to be recognized for what he or she is doing right.

You are making a difference – Leaders are inspired by progress. Every leader wants their work to be meaningful and worthwhile.

I trust you – Leadership is about influence. Leaders are acutely aware that if they are not trusted, no one is truly following.

I believe in you – Leadership can be a frightening place to be. At times, every leader feels he or she is alone and needs to know there is someone in their corner.

I’ll follow your lead – Most leaders question their ability at some point and are often timid about making the first move towards something new. When a leader knows that someone will follow, that step of faith is easier to take.

Are you trying to follow a leader? Make his or her job even easier…and possibly even more successful. Speak some words of encouragement today.

Are you a leader? What words do you need to hear?

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14 thoughts on “5 Things Every Leader Needs to Hear

  1. Great post!! I just sent it out to my direct reports in a memo demanding they tell me something from this list by noon today!

    Just kidding, obviously! I do like the list and agree completely!

    Instead of using the memo method, I have successfully used another. I occasionally get a note, letter, email, etc. that has words of encouragement like you mention in this post. I am saving them (Evernote) and reviewing them in those dark days when I need the fuel.

    It is amazing the change in my outlook when I reflect on the situations associated with the notes.

  2. Great post Ron. As a leader it's encouraging when you get feedback. "Your message about ______ ( or song, or lesson, etc) really helped me."

    As a follower, it's helpful if we are generous with our encouragement for leaders, they appreciate it more than they let on.

  3. It's so important for us to invest back in to those who are leading us. After all, the health of our leaders directly effects our own. Thanks for the reminder!