Leaders Lead…So Others Can Follow

Leaders lead so that others can follow…

You’ll see it among organizations everywhere…

The team is no more intentional than the leader…

The team gives up when the leader gives up…

The team works no harder than the leader…

The team slacks off when the leader slacks off…

The team takes no greater risks than the leader is willing to take…

The team believes the vision no more passionately than the leader…

The team becomes negative when the leader becomes negative…

If you want others to follow your leadership, give them an example worth following…

Leaders lead so that others can follow…

What other examples of a leader’s impact on a team come to mind?

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8 thoughts on “Leaders Lead…So Others Can Follow

  1. Subtaught-leaders are never wrong, and insist on never telling subordinates to check them against reality's agenda to correct imbecilic mistakes…

    A leader without true legitimacy… will insist on never demanding subordinates speak truth to power. It's why preachers get in trouble.

    Lots of bloggers and website administrators… insist only "uggha uggha amen" comments allowed. (i.e. GREAT STUFF, changed my life!)

    Every Once in a While…
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Book #7 of In That Day Teachings
    1/04/11 http://www.inthatdayteachings.com

    Don’t worry mis bandidos,
    Said El Jefe with a tooth-space grin,
    We robbed the bank hoy dia,
    In this camp tonight, we mates win!

    Won’t the posse chase us?
    Asked a bandido fat and small,
    No, they’ll stop at six miles,
    Pero, we rode miles diez in all!

    Said their El Jefe,
    With a fearless grin,
    Then why you stand guard,
    Over all us men?

    Asked another brave-hearted bandido,
    Who asked the question quite strong,
    I stand guard tonight, said El Jefe,
    Because once in a while… I’m wrong!

  2. Well put, Ron. Love the "leader slacks off, team slacks off." Others can always tell when we're not fully invested or bought in.
    Twitter: jonathanpearson