Leader: Put Your Mask on First

If you’ve spent any time flying commercially, you’ve most likely memorized the flight attendants instructions prior to take off. Remember when he or she says “Be sure to adjust your own mask before assisting others”.

I’m probably like you, not really paying attention closely, but often when I hear that phrase I’m reminded what an important leadership principle that is also.

Here’s a quick reminder…probably something you already know:

Leader, if you aren’t taking care of yourself, you can’t continue to lead at the level needed to keep your team successful. You can’t lead a team to be healthy if you are living an unhealthy lifestyle. The healthier you are…physically…emotionally…spiritually…socially…the more health you can bring to the team.

Just like on the airplane, you can’t help your team if you are having trouble breathing on your own.

Be honest: What is one thing you would need to change in order to live a healthier life?

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9 thoughts on “Leader: Put Your Mask on First

  1. Ron, this hit me like a ton of bricks last year when my VERY normal blood pressure self was diagnosed with hypertension. I thought, "who, ME? Really?" Yes, really. I'd let pressures build from the inside out, made excuses for not going to the gym, and become a social hermit (hello soft cozy couch with a bag of chips). Now, THAT was a wake-up call. A little BP med, a wiser diet choice and some good gym time has turned the situation around. I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel. And my energy level is probably making my sweet hubby crazy! By the way, I'd add this "turn off the smartphone and have some real conversation with friends & family, in person".