5 Ways a Leader Responds Under Stress

Every organization and team has times where everyone is stretched, stress abounds, and even times where it seems things are going backwards for a while. During those times good leadership is more critical than ever.

In times of stress, here a 5 things a leader must respond with:

A level head – A leader must display a calmness in the midst of crisis. Trying times test a team and the leader doesn’t need to be the one causing panic.

Steadfastness – There will always be temptations to give up under stress. A leader walks by faith and keeps the team moving forward. (You can read the hard lesson I learned about this issue HERE.)

Integrity – Character is tested during stressful times. A leader must remain unquestioned in his or her integrity for the health of the team and organization.

Strategic-Thinking – Decisions are harder to make but more important during stressful times. The leader must think strategically for the organization. (Read a post about thinking strategically in the moment HERE)

Personal balance – Leaders must remain healthy personally in order to continue to lead the organization. During times of stress, the leader must continue to exercise, eat well, and be disciplined.

Leader, have you ever had to lead during especially stressful times?

Are you there now?

What would you add to my list?

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18 thoughts on “5 Ways a Leader Responds Under Stress

  1. Kindness. I do not mean be a wimp. I once had a boss who was excellent at this. I walked into her office with an issue to talk about. I was at odds with a decision she made that I thought was wrong. I walked out of her office a winner even though I lost the argument.

  2. One of the hardest times of leading is during my sickest moments. I battle a chronic disease and without sustaining grace some days wouldn’t be possible. It’s through these weakest moments that I have learned to rely on God the most. Once we understand God’s sovereign provedence leading becomes easy when we simply persevere.

  3. Just remember you still have a team. Don't always feel like you have to be Superman in the middle of a stressful situation. Trust your team. Work with them to get through tough times.

  4. I was a leader on a project a few years ago that had to be shut down. I suppose the one lesson I learned from that is, no matter the outcome of the project or stressful situation, relationships are always valuable enough to be preserved. Striving to put people before any agenda or task list made the ending of that project less painful.