5 Considerations When Adding Structure to an Organization

I think there is value in unstructured growth. (I wrote about that HERE) As the organization grows, additions in structure have to be added. We are currently experiencing that at Grace Community Church. (I’ve written more about it HERE.) Adding structure, however, can be a painful and disruptive process if not handled carefully.

Here are 5 thoughts I have about adding structure to an existing organization:

The change should make sense with the organizational make-up and DNA – We have to be careful altering something in a way that disrupts the fiber, core, or root foundation of the organization.

The structure added should not impede progress – Structure should further enable the completion of the vision, not detract from it.

It should accommodate or encourage continued growth – Structure should not curtail growth. It’s purpose should be to help the organization continue to grow.

Hit the center of acceptance – Not everyone will agree with any change, but if the structure is universally opposed then it may need to be considered more closely before being implemented. (Read about how different our staff is HERE.)

Make sure everyone understands the why – People are more likely to accept structure when they can identify the value to them and their area of responsibility, but at least the value to the overall organization.

Have you ever had to add structure to an existing organization?

How did you do it?

What would you add to my list?

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9 thoughts on “5 Considerations When Adding Structure to an Organization

  1. — Make sure that new structure adds value to whole organization.
    — New Srtucture will be an asset to the organization and not the liability
    — New Structure creates synergy and produces exponential outcome
    — New structure is congruent to the vision and mission of the organization

  2. I think I am hearing that we should never add structure just for structure's sake and I agree with that wholeheartedly. I am a pretty unstructured person, but have learned that structure is of utmost importance in a growing organization. Structure is like a safety net and a spring board all at the same time. It should catch you if things are out of control. Having a policy in place to handle something sensitive helps immensely. But, just as important is having a foundation to create from. This is the baseline of what we need to do will help get people started. The creative ones will start there and soar!

  3. I would add:

    The new structure should further the organization's mission, vision, and build buy-in. The leader should be able to clarify how the structure achieves this. Communication/connection steps for the new structure must be built in to each item. Doing this will insure that the organization will move forward toward achieving overall goals.