7 Pillars of Great Leaders

Have you ever considered what the common traits are of great leaders? I call the traits the pillars of leadership.  I think about the question a lot, because I love observing leaders and I strive to be a better leader. I like simple, easy-to-understand answers, so I have asked this type question frequently through Twitter, to see what common agreement exists about what makes a leader great.

Here are 7 pillars of leadership I’ve landed on in my search. You’ll find these among all great leaders.

Vision – In something bigger than the leader…

Commitment - To a cause and/or people…

Decisiveness – To make the hard call others will follow…

Courage – To weather the storms of leadership…

People – Realizing that others matter and there is no leadership without some…

Passion - It’s what gets a leader up in the morning ready to face another day…

Character – It’s what sustains a leader and why others continue to follow…

How did I do?  What would you add to my list?

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25 thoughts on “7 Pillars of Great Leaders

    • Yes, I agree. Love your blog design btw. I tweeted yesterday, “If you hire for character you can usually train for skills.”. Most important.

  1. I would add a sub point under People. Yes we need people but great leaders know how to wok with people, know how to handle conflict effectively and know where and how to place people within their organization. Good people in wrong place can really mess things up. Great leaders also know the state of their flock, Shepherds smell like sheep. There should be an honest morale check once in a while. Good people sometimes leave a great organization because of the good people in wrong places. People are our greatest asset.

  2. I suppose that this falls under character, but integrity is such an essential element to being a good, trustworthy leader that it's almost worth its own category. Great list, Ron.

  3. Ron,
    Good list Brother. I would add communication. Through this, the decisiveness doesn’t take on a rigid dictatorship spirit! Thanks for sharing.


  4. Ron,

    I would add loving people. People are the most valuable resources a leader has.

    The leader desires that those they lead realize their potential in every area of their lives.