7 Non-Negotiable Traits to Work on my Team

I wrote a post recently about what it takes to be on the staff team of Grace Community Church.  We recently discussed this at an all staff meeting.  You can read that post HERE.

I thought it was only fair to share what it takes to be on my team.  I am an open leader. I like transparency on the team, so as a team leader, I believe it’s important for your team to know your expectations.  (I also recently wrote the 3 problems with unknown expectations.  Read that post HERE.)  This is different from a previous post of what it takes to be a great team member.  (HERE is that post.)  These are personal to me.

I hope our team already knows these things, because we live them everyday and have talked about them individually.  I’m not sure I’ve written them down before.  (Hopefully they read my blog…Ha!)

Here are the top 7 non negotiable traits to work on my team:

Responsiveness - It may be a pet peeve, but I believe it is imperative to respond to people in a timely manner.

Honesty – If we can’t be honest, we can’t be a team.

Respect - I plan to respect my team.  I think it’s only fair they respect me.

Openness – I don’t like hidden issues.  If it’s important to you or the team, let’s talk about it.

Follow Through – Do what you say you will do when you said you will do it.

Limited need for oversight- I can’t stand micro-management.  I believe in setting some goals, assigning tasks, and celebrating at the finish line.  I’ll even come back and hold your hand across the line if needed, but if you don’t ask, I assume you’re still running on your own.

Participation – No one sits on the bench on my team.  This plenty of innings ahead…let’s play ball.

So what do you think? Fair? Harsh? Reasonable?  What would you add or take away from your list?

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30 thoughts on “7 Non-Negotiable Traits to Work on my Team

  1. Great material, highly motivational! Thanks for making these notes available. I have downloaded them and hope to use them soon with my group.


  2. Ron, I loved this blog and this concept. Going to create a staff list for our team. Thanks for the excellent idea.
    Pastor Tom

  3. Great boundaries Ron. I like clear expectations, no micro management, and celebrate with them!

    I will use "if your struggling and not telling anyone… The only line I might change is from "my team" to "our team." I know what your saying, it just sounds a lot more – team. Enjoying the blogs!

  4. If more team leaders led with these – wow! I love that statement "if you're struggling and haven't communicated…that in itself explains a lot. MP is right on to say people respond to a team environment that promotes growth. Wish more leaders got that in itself. Everyone brings something to a team, and the results are a reflection of the team.

  5. This is exactly what we need in our teams. I love that you stated, "I’ll even come back and hold your hand across the line if needed, but if you don’t ask, I assume you’re still running on your own." Too often I have had team members feel like it was my role to realize where they were not getting it done and step in and ask questions. However, if they are not communicating struggles then I am to assume they are functioning as directed. I believe one of the keys to this is hiring self-motivated staff.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Thanks David. I say that to my team a lot… "If you're struggling and you haven't communicated to anyone then it's your fault not mine or the team's."