7 Questions of Jesus That Will Change Your Life

Years ago I became fascinated with the questions of Jesus. It occurred to me that if Jesus was asking a question it must be an important one. I realize that in the culture in which Jesus lived asking questions was a method of learning, but Jesus always knew the answers. His questions were to cause His listeners to think.

With that in mind, consider some of these 7 questions of Jesus.

“Do you believe that I am able to do this?”  (Matthew 9:28)

“Why are you afraid, O you of little faith?”  (Matthew 8:26)

What do you think about the Christ?”  (Matthew 22:42)

“Do you love me?”  (John 21:17)

“Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord’, and not do what I tell you?”  (Luke 6:46)

“What do you want me to do for you?”  (Luke 18:41)

“Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?” (Matthew 7:3)

To which of these do you most need to consider your answer? Are there other questions of Jesus you would add to this list?

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30 thoughts on “7 Questions of Jesus That Will Change Your Life

  1. “Why are you afraid, O you of little faith?” challenges my trust in Jesus.

    Another statement to add is: "Who do you say I am?" (Matthew 16:15b). I have to answer this question every day when numerous anxious thoughts run through my head. Knowing who Jesus is brings me back to center.

  2. I am with Lance above. Mine is, “What do you want me to do for you?” (Luke 18:41)
    I know that I have a call on my life and just feel pulled in so many directions right now. I feel like the Lord is just saying, "What do you want me to do–just surrender it all and I will do it." To that I would say, I sure am trying…

  3. Right now I would have to say #7. An extended family member has been incredibly caustic at a difficult time, and, of course, it means that she is the new Frankenstein. I am Cinderella. I must be off to do the laundry.

  4. “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” (Matthew 9:28) That question reminds of how many times doubt has hindered my relationship with Him, and my service too. Do I really trust Jesus' power? Will I believe His promises? It also shows His willingness to change things, to move on our behalf, to transform us… if we believe He's able. That speaks of surrender, and a practical faith.

    I will meditate on those question, because they truly can transform lives.

    Thanks for sharing this post Ron.
    Stay blessed!

  5. Do you believe that I am able to do this? (Matthew 9:28)

    Bam! This question made me realized I am putting God in a box again. I'm experiencing some surprises lately. God is Able. Thanks Ron! =)

  6. When I think of # 2, I struggle mostly with the faith part. I thought for years He was talking about having more faith in Him, the more I read it (and Matt.14:21) the more I think He is in reference to us having more faith in ourselves! That part I have to work on more everyday; I can think of so many reasons NOT to trust me with things, and He calls me to it!

    • Fear is such a demobilizing force. You are right…why should He trust us, but He does…. (But don't we trust our children?)

    • Most Christians struggle with faith because it goes against everything we have been taught. We have been taught to do our best,but our best is so much lower than Gods best. Jesus repeatedly instructed people to trust in God. in fact 2 Corinthians 1:9 tells us not to trust in ourselves,but in God. This truth scares a lot of people because the society in which we live has corrupted our minds to be self sufficient,independent from God. I hope this helps somebody. Faith is the only thing that we can do that pleases God.Nothing brings God more satisfaction than for us to put our trust in Him. Read Hebrews 11:6

  7. Question #1 is the big one for me. I want to life an exceptional life that glorifies God but sometimes I struggle with really believing that He can do it through me. I mean, who am I? Then I go back to that question. I begin to realize that it's not about me at all. It's about me believing that He can do it.

    This is a great post, Ron!

  8. "My God My God Why has though forsaken thee?" (joking) Although there was a period I wondered that. These are great questions. I'm going to spend the next few days answering these questions as part of my bible study time.

  9. This would be mine…

    “What do you want me to do for you?” (Luke 18:41)

    I really don't have anything to add, after that question. It's such a reminder on so many levels.

  10. A couple of years ago I would have had trouble answering a lot of these in a positive manner. That is no longer the case, Praise God. Probably the one that I still struggle with is "Why are you afraid…". I think that's mostly because I can't see His plan and when you believe that He can work something out and you believe that He will, but every day brings little sign of any progress, you begin to fear that you are missing something or that you aren't obeying even when you think you are.

      • Brings up a bigger question. If you really do believe that He can work out the solution to the problem and you really do believe that He will, but you see no progress, how do you realistically know if you are really doing His will and you just need to be patient or you're really going down the wrong path? How to you stem that fear?

          • I suppose the trite answer is prayer. But that almost seems like circular logic. Honestly, I don't think I have the answer. The real world is so much gray and not much black and white. I'm in prayer about my situation and really feel deep down inside that my course of action at this point, which is to let go and let God, is what's right. But the signs of progress are so few and so far between. Still there is a lot of pain to be worked through and I think that I just need to be patient. So I pray more and harder, really trying to listen and then fear creeps in and I think that my problem is that I don't even had the faith of a mustard seed.

          • Thanks for your honesty Jon. I've been through many of those seasons. Praying God gives you the mustard sized faith today.