Introducing RefineUs Marriage Ministry

It seems to me, from my ministry experience, that marriage has never been threatened more than it is today.  It’s true in all segments of our society, including marriages of those in the ministry. That’s why I’m excited to tell you about RefineUs Marriage Ministry.  Justin and Trisha Davis are allowing God to use their story to help strength, save and grow marriages.   Their ministry has already helped marriages in our church and I believe they can help yours.

Here are some of the offerings RefineUs has to offer:

1. Marriage Coaching

2. Crisis Coaching

3. Pastor to Pastor

4. Downloads of free resources for marriages

5. Audio/Video of their story

6. Conferences, Seminars, Church services as needed

Do yourself and your church a favor today….Check out the website for more details at

To add to this post, what do you believe is the number one stress marriages face today?

What other resources have you found helpful for marriages these days?

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7 thoughts on “Introducing RefineUs Marriage Ministry

  1. Honestly Ron, I don't know what's out there. I know the most important thing a couple can do is pray together, really open themselves up to God. But it's so hard to do when couples are forced apart by long hours or miles. What do we do to reconnect? I enjoy the examples of marriage that I see everyday. It gives me hope that 40 years from now I'll be holding my husband's hand walking down the sidewalk.
    Twitter: mrsmilton0304