Advice When Nothing Is Going Right

When it seems everything is a failure. Go for some small wins.

Life has a way of bringing seasons into our life where nothing seems to go right. Often God uses those times to strengthen us, sometimes our own bad decisions bring those times, and many times those seasons come just as a part of living in a fallen world. Those seasons tend to scare us from taking risks, trusting others, or moving forward with the dreams God has given us.  We may even feel paralyzed from ever accomplishing anything again.  During those seasons of life, a person may need to experience a little victory to rebuild his or her confidence.

If everything in your life seems to be going wrong lately, find a few small things you do well and complete them. Everyone does something well. Allow God to use you for some small wins.  It will help rebuild your faith and confidence and encourage you to take risks again towards the bigger wins.

Are you in one of those seasons? Be faithful in a little and God will bless you with far more. What’s a small win you could accomplish today?

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15 thoughts on “Advice When Nothing Is Going Right

  1. Police raided my 3 bdroom home..locked up my fiance they found nothing in our home…then i was put out my house my deceased mother left for in a motel this was in August..i have nbdy..and my other half is locked up..keep your head up…im trying…

  2. recently police raided my family’s home and found an illegal pistol so everyone in the house was charged I had to witness my 65 year old mom in a cell crying my pregnant sister cry after spending some days locked up we were released on bail I have a government job so as I have a criminal charge I was placed on suspension everyone watches my family as criminals now I am so depressed I am just home everyday thinking about how miserable my life is I even contemplate suicide just to escape from this I am on my knees everyday crying for God to help us

  3. my life just keeps getting worse and worse. Nothing at all lately is going right. Lack of funds, means lack of food, which means hungry kids and a mother in tears. I am stuck at home all day every day with no car and no other transport to get me out of town. It never rains here so that means my water tank is always almost empty. I feel like i have no family anymore, either they have died or they want nothing to do with me since i had my third child (whom has down syndrome). I try and I try and I still end up hitting rock bottom. i had my 29th birthday last week. Not a phone call from my immediate family only my brother whom only called to ask for money. my partner didnt say happy birthday to me until 6pm and couldnt even care as to why i was so upset. I dont know where to go or what to do any more. I find myself thinking of ways to just pack up and go and leave my kids with my other half as they would be better of without a mother whom is always sad and upset.

  4. It has been one of those weeks. Several bad decisions reaped consequences that hurt those who are closest to me. I have been more irritable with so many stresses about me. Thank you for the encouragement. God bless you.