Praying For Haiti…What else can we do?

Rog Hill, our Serve Pastor, emailed me today to ask what we need to do to address the earthquake crisis in Haiti. The fact is he beat me to the email. I was working out of the office today on my message for Sunday, but couldn’t escape my thoughts about this tragedy. I had received several emails already from people in our church wondering if we were doing anything. I was intending to email Rog later in the day. I’m thankful for a church so ready to respond to others in need. We don’t have our plans worked out completely, but we know we have to do something.

Here are a couple links to help you understand the need.

CatalystSpace blog.

Pictures from

Samaritan’s Purse

One thing all of us can do is pray.  Will you join me in pausing for a few minutes, then maybe a few more, and pray for the people of Haiti?  If you can do more, please consider helping with a financial gift.  There are dozens of organizations already working on relief efforts, such as the American Red Cross, World Relief, World Vision, Compassion, and Southern Baptists.  For those at Grace Community Church, any donations made designated to “Haiti” will be carefully placed with Haiti relief efforts.   We will give more details through the Grace website, Facebook, and email and Sunday at church.

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3 thoughts on “Praying For Haiti…What else can we do?

  1. Give Blood! Haiti needs real life things, not just prayers. You want to help Hatai find your nearest Red Cross sponsored blood drive or Blood bank and give! We are talking about 100,000 people living in tents fighting a hurricane, there will be injuries, they still have injuries from the earthquake and blood is better than prayers. All you priest and feel good ministries, help organize and blood drive and give the red cross some money. If your afraid of giving money to big organizations, than get your parishners to donate there time to the hotlines, since most of the red cross current staff is in the field, getting there hands dirty.

    As for what I'm doing, I'm donating blood and I'm seeking out people to help join me and if that includes spidering the internet and posting on blogs than so be it!