The Day After Christmas…What To Do?

And all they that heard it wondered at those things, which were told them by the shepherds. Luke 2:18 KJV

It’s the day after Christmas. Are you still wondering what all the “fuss” was about?

I can imagine the “wonder” going on in Bethlehem shortly after the birth of Christ. There was great wonder in the naming of this baby. Jesus, which means “salvation of God”, was not something someone like Joseph and Mary typically would have named their son. Talk about high hopes for your children!

With the excitement going on in the town because of the census, it is probable that few took notice of Jesus’ birth. Therefore, when the shepherds go about joyfully, almost ecstatically, proclaiming the Good News, people most likely wondered “what baby?”… “I didn’t see a baby”. They were so busy with their own celebrations; they had missed the birth of a Savior!

What about you? As you clean up the torn packages from yesterday, and you pack away all the new gifts; as you travel back home or prepare to head back to work, what difference has Christmas made in your life? Have you thought about it? Did the fact that a Savior was born make a difference in your life this week/this year? Are you living a life that reflects that truth? Or…are you still wondering what all the excitement is about?

Many celebrated Christmas this year. How many really understood the why behind the celebration? The parties are over and the gifts are open, and many will be sad that the celebration is over, but the celebration alone will never completely fill a person’s heart. Only the true gift of Christmas, the one they named Jesus, can fill the void in a heart that often dwells at the end of a Christmas celebration.

After the dust settles from the hustle and rush of buying, wrapping, opening gifts, stuffing ourselves with holiday treats and enjoying the company of friends and family is over, perhaps you and I should pause and really reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.  A Savior has been born…He is Christ the Lord!  That Savior grew, lived a sinless life, died on a cross, rose again, and now intercedes between God and man on behalf of those who believe.  He wants to be your friend that sticks closer than a brother.  He wants those who are weary and heavy-burdened to come to Him.  He wants to bless our lives with true peace.

…And that part of the Christmas season…will last throughout the coming year…and throughout eternity!

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2 thoughts on “The Day After Christmas…What To Do?

  1. Pastor Ron, Jesus came and died. Now what? Is God still actively involved in human affairs? in my life? Does God have an overall game plan? How's it going? Is God making any progress? The church He died for looks sterile for the most part. Most Sunday services appear to be group thinks. Where is the disruptive thinking of Jesus that renews our minds? Where is the grace that engages us wherever we are, but always compels us forward in God's purpose? I know that the church isn't perfect, but isn't His strength perfected in our weakness? There is no need to reply to my questions. Let's not put God on the spot.