Elements To Help Build a Healthy Team Spirit

What fosters an attitude of team spirit in an organization?

Here are some elements that help build a healthy team spirit:

  • An understanding of the overall goals and objectives of the team-When the big picture objective is understood each team member is more willing to pull together to accomplish the mission because they know their purpose.
  • Healthy team relationships- For a team to have team spirit it needs to be filled with team members who actually like each other.
  • Fun times – A team needs time just to have fun together.
  • Team members who value the mission and the team – Some people are not team players.  They may be great people, but they would work better outside a team environment.
  • A “we are in this together” attitude as a team – Healthy teams are those where its members are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission.  There are no turf wars on a healthy team.  (For more on this concept, read my previous post HERE.)
  • Team leadership that embraces the team environment – Some leaders lead best from the penthouse suite environment.  They give orders well, but do not really enjoy playing the game with the team.  Team leadership requires involvement.

How does your organization foster a team spirit?  Do you feel you are a part of a healthy team?  What could help your team’s spirit be healthier?

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