Obama Admits Mistakes (Good Leadership Trait)

President Obama and I probably disagree on many issues, but one thing I like about him is one part of his leadership style.  He is not afraid to admit a mistake.  That will serve him well and keep his approval rating high, even among people who may disagree with his policies.

Vice-President Biden called the President’s CIA appointment a mistake. Read it HERE. The President admitted a mistake (Read it HERE ) with the Tom Daschle appointment. He did it again this week admitting that the plane photo opportunity in New York was a mistake. Read about it HERE.   I realize my conservative friends (who I mostly side with) will not like this statement, but speaking as someone who would be more likely to support the policies of a Bush Administration, I think President Bush could have used more of this trait during his term.  Had he been more willingly to accept responsibility I believe his credibility would have risen among the people.

One of the things that is most attractive about a leader, especially in today’s culture of mistrust, is an honest admittal of a mistake made.  Even when one doesn’t agree with that type leader’s decision, he or she is more likely to respect their leadership.

Leaders, how real are you in front of the people you hope will follow you?  Pastors, are you real with your people, or do you try to make them believe you are someone you are not?  Something tells me they know the truth.

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