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Focus on the Family has a broadcast over the next few days that I would strongly encourage all women to listen to.  Men should listen also, but it is primarily geared to a female audience.  Author Shaunti Feldhahn talks about the differences between men and women, and how understanding these differences can improve a couple’s relationship. If I had one piece of marriage advice I would give to a couple, this would be the advice I would give to the female. You can listen HERE.

I have been teaching this concept for years and was so glad when Feldhahn’s book was released.  The basic premise is about love and respect in a marriage.  Most men and women don’t understand the depth of differences, which exist between the two sexes, and that misunderstanding is the major cause of stress in a marriage.  Identifying these differences can incredibly help to improve communication and strengthen the marriage. Almost every time I sit with a couple in distress the issues they struggle with, if traced to the core, originate when these two functions get misaligned.

Don’t misunderstand, this is a two-way deal and is for men and women both to understand.  This particular show is geared to women though and from my experience, if the wife, who is usually the more relational one in a marriage, implements some of these changes, the husband is sure to notice and will soon initiate changes in his approach to the marriage also.

Listen to the show and tell me what you think.

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